A Party That Can’t Be Trusted

Dreher has had enough with the GOP:

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I hope the House flips to the Democrats in 2014, so we can be rid of these nuts. Let Ted Cruz sit in the Senate stewing in his precious bodily fluids, and let Washington get back to the business of governing.

A-fucking-men. Larison nods:

After watching the display of the last few weeks, it is hard to argue that Republicans should have control over any part of the government. It is even harder to believe that they should increase what control they have.

Millman isn’t particularly “pessimistic about the GOP’s chances in the next couple of elections as a consequence of their manifest insanity”:

The electorate is fickle, after all. For that very reason, though, I’m quite pessimistic about the quality of governance in this country going forward.