Cheney’s Ticking Time Bomb


A reader writes:

I just watched Sanjay Gupta’s interview with Dick Cheney about his new book chronicling his long-time heart problems that finally led to a full transplant a few years ago.  While the headlines have been harping on the “terrorist could’ve hacked his defibrillator”, the striking thing to me was just so sure he was that his extensive list of health problems didn’t have any effect on his decision making. And he sure didn’t like Sanjay’s questions; he most likely presumed he’d be getting softball questions.

One excellent fastball:

[O]n March 28, 2001, Vice President Cheney wrote a “pending” letter of resignation because he suspected he might at any moment become incapacitated by health problems. This was surely a surprise for those affiliated with the Bush campaign who had vetted Cheney’s health before asking him to run. But Cheney’s cardiologist was a big fat liar and told the Bush campaign cardiologist that Cheney “was in good health with normal cardiac function.”

When Gupta asked Cheney to explain the doctor’s false claims, Cheney responded, “I’m not responsible for that.” Gupta answered, “But sir, you saw it.” And then Cheney, refusing to address the lie, dug in: “Listen to me, I think the bottom line is: was I up to the task of being vice president? And there’s no question. I think based upon the fact that I did it for eight years that they were right.”

The transcript from Gupta’s interview is here. Last night he popped on AC360 Later to discuss the interview, prompting my reaction in the video seen below. It’s rare to hear a dispassionate case for the war crimes of Dick Cheney on cable news, so check it out. I didn’t pull any punches:

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