Playing The Prostitution Shame Game, Ctd

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown A reader agrees that a lot of anti-prostitution sentiment stems from an inability to look beyond personal aversion: You wrote, “That is unless, like Allen, you can’t conceive of a world in which anyone could purchase sexual services from someone and still respect their humanity.” Spot-on. This whole notion that all sex workers are … Continue reading Playing The Prostitution Shame Game, Ctd

Treating Prostitutes Like Children

Elizabeth Nolan Brown sees the Swedes doing so: Many areas have adopted or are considering what’s known as the “Swedish” or “Nordic Model,” which criminalizes the buying, rather than the selling, of sexual services (because, as the logic goes, purchasing sex is a form of male violence against women, thus only customers should be held … Continue reading Treating Prostitutes Like Children

What The Hell Is Happening In Sweden?

Who knew that refugees from Somalia would consider themselves “deprived” in Sweden. Just ask the BBC:… — Michael Ross (@mrossletters) May 23, 2013 There has been rioting in Sweden for the past five nights (NYT): As the unrest spread from the outlying district of Husby, where it was apparently set off on Sunday by … Continue reading What The Hell Is Happening In Sweden?