Keg Stands Manned By Women?

Unbelievable? How could Mary Landrieu lose? I thought she had the keg stand frat boy bloc locked up. #LASen — Srcih Lelrim (@ChrisAMillerNow) December 7, 2014 There’s been a growing chorus of bloggers arguing that an approach to lowering sexual assault on campus shouldn’t just target frats, but also empower sororities – to throw their own parties. Anna … Continue reading Keg Stands Manned By Women?

Outrage And Privacy

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy I want to second Michelle’s endorsement of the outrage year-in-review over at Slate. The item there that jumped out at me was Jordan Weissmann’s account of having played a large part in sparking a “cycle of viral outrage” against a Harvard professor who had “raged [in email] at a local Chinese restaurant that … Continue reading Outrage And Privacy

What To Think Of Bill Cosby? Ctd

The latest damning evidence in the Cosby saga is this post-interview AP footage: Amanda Hess blames the culture of entertainment journalism for allowing the allegations to go under the radar for so long, pointing to that AP interview as a prime example: Entertainment journalists require access to rich, famous people, and rich, famous people require favorable press. How news … Continue reading What To Think Of Bill Cosby? Ctd

My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

Below is a bunch of reader commentary of the Dish’s recent coverage of gender-based debates like gamergate, catcalling, affirmative consent, and others. A dissenter gets the last word on #shirtstorm: You have a tendency to hate Internet mobs even when they’re right. Matt Taylor’s shirt was staggeringly inappropriate for a professional workplace, particularly when he’s … Continue reading My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

The Numbers On Rape

Ingraham highlights how few cases get resolved: In the most recent crime data released by the FBI, only 40 percent of documented rape cases ended in “clearance.” Clearance indicates that officers were able to close a case, either via an arrest, or in some cases due to victim non-compliance – this latter method is called an “exceptional” … Continue reading The Numbers On Rape

Catching Catcalls On Camera

This video is making the rounds: The backstory: In August 2014, Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative reached out to Hollaback! to partner on a PSA highlighting the impact of street harassment. He was inspired by his girlfriend — who gets street harassed all the time — and Shoshana B. Roberts volunteered to be the … Continue reading Catching Catcalls On Camera

Chart Of The Day

Pew finds that men and women experience different sorts of online harassment: Jake Swearingen sees how “men, on the whole, report higher rates of less severe types of harassment (with the exception of physical threats), while women are more likely to be the focus of the two most frightening forms of it: sexual harassment and stalking.” … Continue reading Chart Of The Day

Generation Sext

In the latest Atlantic cover-story, Hanna Rosin explores the ubiquity of teen sexting: A consistent finding is that sexting is a pretty good indicator of actual sexual activity. This year, researchers in Los Angeles published a study of middle-schoolers showing that those who sent sexts were 3.2 times more likely to be sexually active than those who … Continue reading Generation Sext

Egg-Freezing On The Company Dime

Megan Garber contemplates Facebook’s and Apple’s move to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs: [W]hile the companies’ inclusion of egg-freezing as a health benefit may certainly be part of the Valley’s notorious perks arms race, you could also read it as a sign that egg-freezing has reached a kind of cultural normalcy. In 2008, … Continue reading Egg-Freezing On The Company Dime

He Did The Crime, But She’s Doing Time

Sometimes staying in an abusive relationship means enduring more than beatings. Alex Campbell reports on the horrifying case of Arlena Lindley, a domestic violence victim who was sentenced to 45 years in prison after her child, Titches, was killed by her abusive boyfriend, Alonzo Turner, for failing to prevent the child’s death: Lindley’s case exposes what many battered women’s advocates … Continue reading He Did The Crime, But She’s Doing Time