All’s Fair In Love And Disappointed Animals?


Using Buzzfeed's list of "33 Animals Who Are Extremely Disappointed In You" as a case study, Alexis Madrigal interviewed the site's founder, Jonah Peretti, about photo memes and copyright issues:

[A] lot of what BuzzFeed traffics in — the fun stuff, that is — emerges on Tumblr or Pinterest or 4chan. Users of those sites surface photos that in some cases have been shared around the Internet for a decade. In those cases, even if BuzzFeed editors try to track down the creator, which Peretti assures me they do, they probably won't find whoever uploaded the photo of every obese cat. … With these kinds of posts, Peretti is willing to make a Fair Use argument that goes like this. First off, the Fair Use limitation and exception to exclusive copyright is notoriously fuzzy. Let's quote from Wikipedia on this one point because the explanation there is reasonable and understandable: 

The Weekly Wrap

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Face Of The Day

Our favorite Portland pet photographer, Carli Davidson, captures another priceless visage, reminiscent of Bill the Cat: I'm totally in love with this little persian kitten! Mushy is a 5 month old foster kitten who will hopefully be available for adoption soon. I'll keep everyone posted! Follow her on Twitter here and Facebook here.