My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

Below is a bunch of reader commentary of the Dish’s recent coverage of gender-based debates like gamergate, catcalling, affirmative consent, and others. A dissenter gets the last word on #shirtstorm: You have a tendency to hate Internet mobs even when they’re right. Matt Taylor’s shirt was staggeringly inappropriate for a professional workplace, particularly when he’s … Continue reading My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

You Know What They Say About A Book With Big Feet …

Tracy Clark-Flory interviews Virginia Wade, whose Cum For Bigfoot e-book series has taken off: Why do you think the “Cum for Bigfoot” series has been such a wild success? The longer I’m in this business and reading other people’s work, I’m beginning to realize that it’s this capture fantasy, where you kind of have this … Continue reading You Know What They Say About A Book With Big Feet …

Uncovering Swingers

Tracy Clark-Flory says that Daniel Stern’s Swingland “at moments … reads like a self-discovery memoir à la “Eat, Pray, Love,” only with super-graphic group-sex scenes”: The most satisfying bits of “Swingland” are also the most fleeting: Stern’s description of an elderly orgy-goer who boasts of a new hip replacement and osteoporosis medication; the Russian husband who … Continue reading Uncovering Swingers

What Hookup Crisis?

Millennials appear to be having less sex than Gen Xers did. Allie Jones summarizes the claim: A new study presented at the American Sociological Association on Tuesday shows that the “hookup culture” narrative might be a myth. Martin A. Monto, a professor of sociology at the University of Portland, found in the comparative study “no evidence of substantial … Continue reading What Hookup Crisis?

No Victim Here

Further evidence against the Brown-Quinn thesis that millennial women are somehow not full, eager participants in the sexting culture: When Anthony Weiner’s latest sex scandal broke last month, 23-year-old sexting partner “Sydney Leathers” was painted as the latest naive girl manipulated by a powerful politician. Leathers thought that she and Weiner were “in love,” gossip site The Dirty reported. … Continue reading No Victim Here

Overachieving Gays

Tracy Clark-Flory examines the “Best Little Boy in the World” hypothesis: This theory holds that closeted young men in bigoted environments often respond by overachieving in certain areas, like sports or academics — the idea being that it’s an adaptive means of finding a sense of self-worth where they can. It can also serve to distract … Continue reading Overachieving Gays

Ending With A Bang

Maureen O’Connor proclaims that “the celebrity sex tape is dead”: The same day that Ray J’s “diss track” [about his sex-tape encounter with Kim Kardashian] appeared online, porn megastar James Deen confirmed making a “sex tape” with former Teen Mom Farrah Abraham. As Abraham went through the motions of sex tape denial, feigning litigiousness and “shock,” Deen described the … Continue reading Ending With A Bang

The Weekly Wrap


Friday on the Dish, Andrew hailed Romney's up-trending favorability as the legacy of the first debate and reviled GOP cynicism in accusing Obama of creating partisan gridlock. He then shot down voting against Obama because of his cannabis policy and lambasted Buzz Bissinger for likening Romney to Clinton.

In polls, the Nates mulled Gallup's accuracy as Ezra Klein talked with the polling firm's Frank Newport. Silver then rounded up signs of a possible Obama rebound and Blumenthal checked in on the Senate races. 

More generally, TNC compared Obama to Joe Louis, Ann Friedman supported "binders full of women" and John Sides found that Obama had more ads on the air than Romney. Tagg's surname "built that," Chait thought Obama would have the upper hand in fiscal cliff fisticuffs and Chris Geidner mapped out marriage equality. Washington's legalization initiative enjoyed a sizable lead, the West's approach to Iran mirrored Iraq and Reihan revealed the best policy idea no one is talking about. Bob Wright then reflected on a study suggesting racism is learned, biracial people ascended and Corey Fields examined black Republicans. In the ad war, the Obama campaign channeled Reagan and reinforced its new auto-industry line of attack.

In assorted commentary, Andrew called our approach to climate change "silence = death," Colbert philosophized on grief and readers responded to the Newsweek news. Americans tended to overestimate their work hours, Patrick Ryan recalled how a seizure wiped his memory and McDonald's rolled out the BigSpicyPaneer. And while social media censorship disturbed Mathew Ingram, Matt Tullis profiled a horseshoe-pitching virtuoso and Jon Stewart's "Night of Too Many Stars" benefited people with autism. Face of the Day from Beirut here, VFYW here and MHB here.

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