Here’s a roster of the people whom Fidel Castro now has arrested for political opposition. You know. Fidel Castro. Socialite friend of Graydon Carter, Leslie Moonves, Oliver Stone, and on and on. (Thanks to Matthew Hoy’s superb blog.)


Several stories prompted by my blog of last Friday about being canned by Howell Raines. Here’s Howie Kurtz and Nick Schulz. A little taken aback by your emails, though. I haven’t had so many congratulations since I graduated college. Two typical emails: I don’t always agree with what you have to say, but if this … Continue reading A FLURRY

The Weekly Wrap

Friday on the Dish, Andrew further pondered the brutality surrounding the Gitmo hunger strike, challenged Leon Wieseltier’s moralizing on Syria, and separated out the scandal from the politicking in the Benghazi fiasco. He, weighed in on the millennial-knocking Time cover story, raised an eyebrow at the latest Buzzfeed Brews event, and channeled Eugene Debs in … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap