Who Is Aleksey Navalny?

Source high up in Interior Affairs Ministry: Navalny to be released tomorrow — Ilya Mouzykantskii (@ilyamuz) July 18, 2013 If true, this is a massive win for today’s protestors. — Ilya Mouzykantskii (@ilyamuz) July 18, 2013 Julia Ioffe’s profile is well worth a read: “He’s a natural-born politician,” Masha Lipman, a prominent Russian political analyst, told me at … Continue reading Who Is Aleksey Navalny?

Putin Takes A Hostage

Cute pic of Oleg Navalny + family — sent to jail today to punish his brother @navalny https://t.co/qh8C5F84BN pic.twitter.com/p16l8be3V9 — Miriam Elder (@MiriamElder) December 30, 2014 Yesterday, a Russian judge pulled a stunt straight out of Game of Thrones, handing prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny a suspended sentence on politically motivated charges of fraud but sentencing his younger brother Oleg … Continue reading Putin Takes A Hostage

Putin vs The Internet

Well, this is unnerving: Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian security council are reportedly considering a plan that would give the Kremlin the ability to cut off the Russian Internet from the rest of the world’s connection in the event of a national emergency. The plan, which officials say is necessary to … Continue reading Putin vs The Internet

Fact-Check Those Insults, Mr. President

In an interview with The Economist published over the weekend, Obama got in this little dig at Russia: Russia doesn’t make anything. Immigrants aren’t rushing to Moscow in search of opportunity. The life expectancy of the Russian male is around 60 years old. The population is shrinking. But as Mark Adomanis points out, none of these statements … Continue reading Fact-Check Those Insults, Mr. President

Ukraine On The Brink

Russian Patrol at Perevalnoe pic.twitter.com/xhVcizQczw — Daniel Sandford (@BBCDanielS) March 2, 2014 In the north of Crimea, at Armyansk on the Isthmus of Perekop, the BBC saw Russian soldiers digging trenches http://t.co/tGVJ5ZWvxs — Jason Corcoran (@jason_corcoran) March 2, 2014 10s of 1000s march in Odessa today to protest against Russian invasion http://t.co/HQ6TBmPgC8 pic.twitter.com/g4yWzH3Gx4 — Kateryna_Kruk … Continue reading Ukraine On The Brink

Invasion Is Imminent, Ctd

In pro-Russian Kharkiv today, activists for the revolution are beaten and forced to kneel: pic.twitter.com/onto628G1e via @HromadskeTV #Ukraine — Simon Shuster (@shustry) March 1, 2014 The most popular Qs in Kyiv right now: "Where is US, EU?". Shocked ppl just randomly talk to each other on the streets — Maxim Eristavi (@MaximEristavi) March 1, 2014 … Continue reading Invasion Is Imminent, Ctd

Putin’s Gift To Pussy Riot

Маша Алехина, я и еще одна участница Pussy Riot едем в отдел полиции Блиново за нахождение в Сочи. pic.twitter.com/bj8qpX7gMN — Nadya (@tolokno) February 18, 2014 Today in Sochi two members of Pussy Riot were arrested and quickly released. Ioffe calls the Russian government idiotic: Something tells me that heads are going to get bopped at the local police … Continue reading Putin’s Gift To Pussy Riot

The Game Putin Is Playing

Remnick explains Putin’s Olympic motivations: The theme of these Games is simple: this is Putin’s pop-culture reassertion of Russia, a worldwide media-saturated insistence on its modern power and capacities, all done with a flash and a reach that no diplomatic summit could ever match. Dissident Russian voices such as Alexei Navalny, Masha Gessen, and the members of … Continue reading The Game Putin Is Playing

“A Miraculous, Doomed Campaign”

That’s how Masha Lipman assessed Alexey Navalny’s run for mayor of Moscow prior to the voting yesterday: The system may have let Navalny run, but his campaign has unfolded in a difficult environment. Moscow officials have made public announcements accusing him of irregularities and campaign-policy violations (none of the allegations have been substantiated). Navalny personally was alleged … Continue reading “A Miraculous, Doomed Campaign”