Museum Of Modern Snapchat?

Zachary Fine worries that “even art – that precious category of aesthetics coveted for its ability to draw our eye and focus – finds itself potentially imperiled by the company’s growing orbit”: The renowned Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art (LACMA) just joined the app as a user, and almost immediately gathered a following with … Continue reading Museum Of Modern Snapchat?

Why Didn’t Amy Pascal Just Pick Up The Phone? Ctd

by Michelle Dean A reader compares the Sony hacking to this year’s sexting hacks: I was a Sony Pictures employee up until two months ago. I worked as a television producer on the Sony lot for the previous two years. On a daily basis, I passed by Amy Pascal and Michael Lynton and the others … Continue reading Why Didn’t Amy Pascal Just Pick Up The Phone? Ctd

Love In The Time Of Sexting

After the celebrity photo hackings earlier this year, Jenna Wortham decided to explore “the way that our phones … foster intimate interactions that feel so personal and deep, despite being relayed through a machine.” She elaborates on why she started her “Everybody Sexts” project, which pairs illustrations of NSFW selfies with short interviews: I think that everybody sexts. Not … Continue reading Love In The Time Of Sexting

Raging Against The Small Screen

In a review of a recent show by Neutral Milk Hotel, Grayson Haver Currin griped that frontman Jeff Mangum’s no-photo policy for concertgoers plays like a cynical ploy: Mangum is attempting to preserve the same legacy of an enigma that turned into a bankable career during his prolonged absence; in an age of instant information and updates, where what … Continue reading Raging Against The Small Screen

When The Phone Goes Dead

Alice Robb takes note of a remote village in Papua New Guinea where locals call the deceased on their cellphones: [The villagers] have long been confident in their ability to talk to the dead, believing they can communicate with the world of spirits in dreams, visions, and trances induced by special rituals. The introduction of mobile phones has opened … Continue reading When The Phone Goes Dead

Chart Of The Day

Derek Thompson shares the results of a recent survey about teenagers’ Internet habits. One of his takeaways: If you’re confused why digital publishers obsess over Facebook and social media, make this graph your smartphone wallpaper. Even the most popular site among teens – BuzzFeed – has fewer daily visitors than any network or app in … Continue reading Chart Of The Day

Will Amazon Set The Mobile Market On Fire?

Christopher Mims thinks not: The central problems with the Fire, the factors that will kill its sales as surely as they have held Windows Phone to single digit market share in North America, are these: 1. People are loath to switch from the phones they already have, and in the process abandon all the apps and … Continue reading Will Amazon Set The Mobile Market On Fire?

Silicon Valley Takes On Wall Street

Kevin Roose reports that “financial start-ups—known collectively as ‘fintech’—are spreading like kudzu, each with a different idea about how to usurp the giants of Wall Street by offering better services, lower fees, or both”: Part of the reason the tech world is interested in finance is the sheer amount of money involved—financial services is a $1.2 trillion … Continue reading Silicon Valley Takes On Wall Street

A Hard Read

Alexis Madrigal praises Porn Studies, a new academic publication: Porn is always two clicks away, and, hovers at the edge of so many conversations from analyses of Girls to sending messages on phones to the NSA. The problem, however, is that there are costs to even talking about pornography. This is true even in our supposed bastions of intellectual freedom, as several of the articles … Continue reading A Hard Read

Facebook’s Spending Spree

Felix Salmon links Zuckerberg’s decision to acquire WhatsApp back to its “stroke-of-genius” decision to go public in 2011 and conquer the mobile market through acquisitions: Zuckerberg knew, circa Facebook’s IPO, that his company was not good at mobile: it didn’t have the problem solved. And he knew that asking his existing corps of engineers to turn their attention … Continue reading Facebook’s Spending Spree