“Syria Is Not A Country” Ctd

A reader writes: Wow. You’ve really dug yourself into a deep hole. The country of Syria was given its name by the Greeks before Alexander, and aside from its shifting borders, Syria has remained constant from Greek toRoman to Umayyad to Abbasid to Ottoman to Arab to French to Syrian rule. There as even a Syrian Roman … Continue reading “Syria Is Not A Country” Ctd

“Syria Is Not A Country”

That phrase passed my lips last night on “AC360 Later”, in a heated and, I thought, really interesting discussion. I was pounced on as prejudiced or misinformed or even channeling neoconservatism. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain what I mean by that. Syria as we now know it was created by one … Continue reading “Syria Is Not A Country”

Live-Blogging The SOTU 2015: Another Morning; Another America

10.11 pm. This is a speech that revealed to us the president we might have had without the extraordinary crises – foreign and domestic – he inherited. I’ve always believed in his long game and in his bent toward pragmatism over ideology. Events can still upend things, but this is a president very much shaping … Continue reading Live-Blogging The SOTU 2015: Another Morning; Another America

More Bad News For Syrian Refugees

Back in September, the UN’s World Food Program warned that it was running out of money to feed the millions of Syrians both inside and outside the country who now rely on the agency for food. The warning was not heeded, pledged cash never turned up, and sure enough, the WFP announced yesterday that it was suspending a food … Continue reading More Bad News For Syrian Refugees

Our Syrian Allies Are Dropping Like Flies

Storage's filled with food aid intended to the Syrian people was found at the #SRF stronghold in Deir Sunbul, #Idlib http://t.co/UeOUJj9Mnh — NusantaraWitness (@NusantarWitness) November 3, 2014 Our proxy war in Syria suffered a setback over the weekend when two of the main “moderate” rebel groups receiving arms from the West surrendered to the al-Qaeda … Continue reading Our Syrian Allies Are Dropping Like Flies

The Syrian-Turkish-Kurdish Clusterfuck

Thought this was a good Reuters map showing the battle lines in Kobani. pic.twitter.com/7OyCdp4njC — DavidKenner (@DavidKenner) October 14, 2014 Turkey launched airstrikes yesterday – not against ISIS, but against Kurdish insurgents in southeast Turkey: Turkish news reports said the strikes had been aimed at fighters of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party, known as the P.K.K., and … Continue reading The Syrian-Turkish-Kurdish Clusterfuck

Whom Exactly Are We Bombing In Syria? Ctd

David Kenner has more on our Syrian allies, who for some reason aren’t all that grateful for the bombs we’re dropping on their country: Foreign Policy interviewed six FSA commanders from [Deir Ezzor] who are currently exiled by the Islamic State and hiding out in southeastern Turkey. All of them were arrested at some point by the jihadist group; some were … Continue reading Whom Exactly Are We Bombing In Syria? Ctd

Who Stands To Profit From Another War?

Dan Froomkin eyes defense contractors: Now, with U.S. forces literally blowing through tens of millions of dollars of munitions a day, the industry is not just counting on vast spending to replenish inventory, but hoping for a new era of reliance on supremely expensive military hardware. “To the extent we can shift away from relying … Continue reading Who Stands To Profit From Another War?

America’s Newest War Spreads To Syria

The Guardian is live-blogging the US airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. Juan Cole expects them to do little good: The some 22 sorties flown on Monday will have killed some ISIL terrorists, blown up some weapons warehouses, and destroyed some checkpoints. But ISIL are guerrillas, and they will just fade away into Raqqah’s back alleys. The US … Continue reading America’s Newest War Spreads To Syria