Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

Readers continue to provide the best MGM conversation out there: This is in response to this reader. The condition that worries the dads is called phimosis. Until my mid-twenties, I couldn’t see more than a dime-sized area of my glans when I pulled back my foreskin. I didn’t even realize my foreskin was supposed to retract … Continue reading Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

More readers share their stories: My heart goes out to your reader. We opted not to circumcise our son, only to have him develop the same non-retraction problem at age three. We tried a variety of topical treatments and visited a number of doctors. We were told that the problem might resolve with time, but if it … Continue reading Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

The start of another fascinating thread: I feel for the couple with the seven year old whose foreskin won’t retract.  We went through that with both of our boys.  My husband is cut, but I put my foot down and demanded that both of our boys be left intact.  The older of the two started … Continue reading Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision, Ctd

Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision

A reader writes: I always read your circumcision posts with great interest because both my husband and I are both circumcised and we elected NOT to have our boys (ages seven and eleven) circumcised.  We have no regrets.  Unfortunately, we are now faced with a very unexpected dilemma:  our seven-year-old’s foreskin does NOT functionally retract, and this … Continue reading Being Conscious Of Your Own Circumcision

A Reluctant Defense Of Circumcision

Rhys Southan offers one, writing that the practice “hurts some people, but we can’t pretend that it doesn’t bring joy to others”: I agree with [philosopher Brian D.] Earp and [intactivist Matthew] Hess that this is honest and significant pain, not a laughable quirk to be mocked into hiding – and this is why I … Continue reading A Reluctant Defense Of Circumcision

Will Feminism End Circumcision?

There’s a long, engaging and fascinating piece in Tablet on the growing movement among American Jews to abjure male genital mutilation in favor of a less draconian way of bringing a Jewish infant boy into the traditions and community of his family and ancestors. The variations – which do not involve permanently cutting the genitals … Continue reading Will Feminism End Circumcision?

Why Is Circumcision Declining?

Amid dropping rates in the US, a married couple debates whether or not to perform the operation on their son: [O]ne of my husband’s ex-jock friends wrote a surprisingly thoughtful, persuasive, and well reasoned emailed argument to my husband in favor of circumcising our son.  After the analysis though, his final—and key—factor was, “And it’s … Continue reading Why Is Circumcision Declining?

Why Not Delay Circumcision?

Holm Putzke is asking: In countries where daily personal hygiene is possible and routine, there are no, or at least only highly doubtful, verifiable medical advantages of circumcising a child. Even if the removal of the foreskin could minimize the man’s risk of contracting H.I.V. or reduce his female partners’ risk of developing cervical cancer, … Continue reading Why Not Delay Circumcision?

Circumcision Spreads HIV?

Brian Earp savages the studies purporting to show that male genital mutliation would prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in African countries: The "randomized controlled clinical trials" upon which these recommendations are based represent bad science at its most dangerous: we are talking about poorly conducted experiments with dubious results presented in an outrageously misleading fashion, … Continue reading Circumcision Spreads HIV?