Cool Ad Watch

Copyranter spots a “great ‘disruptive’ print ad”: The Wikipedia entry for “Disruptive Innovation” is well over 4,000 words. Native Advertising is considered a Disruptive Innovation. That’s rich. And ironic. Because it is designed to not be “disruptive”. It is designed to blend in, deceive. And it is not an “innovation”. Branded “native” print editorial content has been … Continue reading Cool Ad Watch

Pushing Happy Meals On The Poor

Roberto A. Ferdman flags research on class disparities – and, by extension, racial disparities – in fast-food marketing: In a new study, a team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago and Arizona State University found that fast food chains in predominantly black neighborhoods were more than 60 percent more likely to advertise to children … Continue reading Pushing Happy Meals On The Poor

Liberty’s Biggest Billboard

The author of Liberty’s Torch: The Great Adventure to Build the Statue of Liberty, Elizabeth Mitchell, celebrates the statue’s 128th birthday, which is today: [W]hat Bartholdi did back in 1871 when he first came to pitch his idea to America was make Bedloe’s Island, a former oyster bed, home to America’s core promise. If the nation … Continue reading Liberty’s Biggest Billboard

Today’s Online Journalism Update, Ctd

A reader writes: Regarding your brief reference to Copyranter’s piece on native ads, I’m more than a little shocked you didn’t focus on the other parts of his piece that seem to perfectly validate many of the accusations you’ve made against sponsored content and Buzzfeed’s business model. Here is how Copyranter characterizes the company’s ad strategy (and let’s not forget … Continue reading Today’s Online Journalism Update, Ctd

Today’s Online Journalism Update

Finally, a headline worthy of our age: Why Is Gawker’s Top Story A Four-Year-Old Post About Vajazzling? Not to be outdone by this one: Boy Sentenced To Jail Because Of Large Penis We also have news that Buzzfeed is now changing its presentation of ads-disguised-as-journalism by labeling them “promoted by” rather than “presented by” and … Continue reading Today’s Online Journalism Update

Cool Ad Watch

by Chris Bodenner Copyranter features a campaign that solicited ad ideas from convicts behind bars (“To be clear: These are speculative ads and are not endorsed by the companies mentioned”). He reviews the one seen above, for a tattoo removal and laser salon: It’s a perfect headline targeting tatted ex-cons. The placement is flawless as … Continue reading Cool Ad Watch

“All Conservatism Begins With Loss”

Fareed begins his review of The Kennan Diaries with that observation from my last book, The Conservative Soul, which he believes helps explain why America, “as an experiment in modernity, hasn’t had many genuine conservatives in its history.” George F. Kennan, he seems to think, was one of them, with all the ambiguities that entails. … Continue reading “All Conservatism Begins With Loss”