Faces Of The Day

Ellen Jacob snaps shots of nannies at work around NYC: As a resident of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, photographer Ellen Jacob would often notice nannies pushing children around in strollers on the street. Eager to learn more about the lives of these women, Jacob spent four years photographing dozens of nannies and the children in … Continue reading Faces Of The Day

Romney 3.0

Romney is apparently considering yet another run at the White House: “Everybody in here can go tell your friends that I’m considering a run,” the former candidate told the gathering in midtown Manhattan, according to Politico. But insiders who spoke to BuzzFeed News about Romney’s evolution on the 2016 question said he only began to entertain the … Continue reading Romney 3.0

Will That Cohiba Taste The Same Without The Mystique?

by Dish Staff Roberto Ferdman deflates some of the hype surrounding Cuban cigars, which Americans will soon be able to buy more easily: Each year, Cigar Aficionado, the leading industry magazine, publishes a list of the top 25 cigars in the world. Last year, the number one cigar was the Montecristo no. 2, which is made in Cuba. … Continue reading Will That Cohiba Taste The Same Without The Mystique?

Francis’ Sunlight

What follows are Andrew’s various thoughts in response to Pope Francis’ recent comments regarding homosexuality. To skip to latest post in the thread (published Aug 12), click here. Jul 29, 2013 @ 11:40am How can I describe my response to the following simple words: “There’s a lot of talk about the gay lobby, but I’ve … Continue reading Francis’ Sunlight

The Weekly Wrap

Friday on the Dish, Andrew accepted Bill Clinton’s DOMA stance without absolving him of past actions, gawked at the contortions to which Catholics would go to oppose gay rights, and remained hopeful at the chance of a Grand Bargain. He looked into the online media abyss with Michael Wolf and gave us a “talking-heads-up” for Sunday. In politics, we cautiously cheered the recent jobs report, … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

The Dish On Comments

The site that @sullydish is taking independent is more reader-driven than it looks. No comments, but there's a huge flow of stuff via email. — Jay Rosen (@jayrosen_nyu) January 2, 2013 This thread compiles the various discussions of commenting policy the Dish has had over the years. Tue Apr 10, 2007 – 05:00PM The Bloggers’ … Continue reading The Dish On Comments

The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew introduced everyone to the new, ad-free site and its fresh features, and also peered into other mediums where independent voices are pushing the envelope. He contemplated the degeneration of the Catholic Church, from the guardian of innocents to protector of criminals. Elsewhere, Andrew exposed McCain’s false dichotomy between civil liberty … Continue reading The Daily Wrap