My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd

Below is a bunch of reader commentary of the Dish’s recent coverage of gender-based debates like gamergate, catcalling, affirmative consent, and others. A dissenter gets the last word on #shirtstorm: You have a tendency to hate Internet mobs even when they’re right. Matt Taylor’s shirt was staggeringly inappropriate for a professional workplace, particularly when he’s … Continue reading My “Scorn Of Feminism” Ctd


.@Cosmopolitan is endorsing candidates for the first time this year. Here's how we decided which candidates to back: — Jill Filipovic (@JillFilipovic) September 8, 2014 Elizabeth Nolan Brown praises Cosmopolitan for addressing the midterm elections, but wishes they’d take a less partisan approach: There’s nothing wrong with publications leaning one way or the other politically, … Continue reading Cosmopolitan-ism

When The Cover Is The Story

According to @RollingStone cover, John Hancock signed the US Constitution… #Merica #History — Lori (@LoriGGFilmz) April 10, 2014 Jill Filipovic suggests that the Rolling Stone gaffe that has fact-checkers around the world snickering shows just how much magazine covers still matter: Some of us still buy print magazines, but ever more of us are reading the articles … Continue reading When The Cover Is The Story

Nuns vs Obamacare

On New Year’s Eve, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a temporary injunction (NYT) preventing the government from enforcing the ACA’s contraception requirement on a Denver nursing facility run by an order of nuns, as well as several other non-profits covered by the same Catholic insurer. The nuns argue that even signing-up for an exemption from the mandate … Continue reading Nuns vs Obamacare

Why Take His Name?

Below are our posts compiling readers’ thoughts regarding the practice of women (or couples) changing their names when they get married. Mar 8, 2013 @ 9:34am Jill Filipovic makes the case for women keeping their surnames after marriage: Your name is your identity. The term for you is what situates you in the world. The … Continue reading Why Take His Name?

The Weekly Wrap

Friday on the Dish, Andrew accepted Bill Clinton’s DOMA stance without absolving him of past actions, gawked at the contortions to which Catholics would go to oppose gay rights, and remained hopeful at the chance of a Grand Bargain. He looked into the online media abyss with Michael Wolf and gave us a “talking-heads-up” for Sunday. In politics, we cautiously cheered the recent jobs report, … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap

The Weekly Wrap

Friday on the Dish, Andrew underlined the concessions of Krauthammer and Douthat that Obama has indeed matched Reagan in historical significance, whilegranting Bhaskar Sunkara that the Marxist Left is making a comeback (and it’s the GOP’s fault). He paused to recognize the British government’s bill legalizing gay marriage and actually shared Michael Moore’s view on Zero Dark Thirty as art. Also, Andrew pulled back the curtain a bit to … Continue reading The Weekly Wrap