Jihad 2.0, Ctd

#NO2ISIS "@MustafaNajafi: Thousands of Iraqis take to social networking site twitter to say no to terrorism #NO2ISIS pic.twitter.com/ntOQhaI7BE" — Ulil Abshar-Abdalla (@ulil) June 21, 2014 ISIS’s online propaganda machine may be sophisticated, but they aren’t the only Iraqis on Twitter. Anti-ISIS voices are also making themselves heard: While ISIS’s brutality — and its inclination to display it on every … Continue reading Jihad 2.0, Ctd

Jihad 2.0, Ctd

Patrick Kingsley looks into the success of ISIS’s online propaganda: Thousands of their Twitter followers installed an app – called the Dawn of Glad Tidings – that allows Isis to use their accounts to send out centrally written updates. Released simultaneously, the messages swamp social media, giving Isis a far larger online reach than their own accounts would otherwise allow. … Continue reading Jihad 2.0, Ctd

Jihad 2.0

The above video, produced by what is ostensibly ISIS’s English and German propaganda outlet, is one example of how the militants are selling the cause to young Westerners. Meanwhile, J.M. Berger unpacks ISIS’s Twitter strategy, which is among the most effective of any Jihadi organization: [A custom-built Android] app is just one way ISIS games Twitter to magnify its message. Another is the … Continue reading Jihad 2.0

Charlie, Blasphemer

[Re-posted from earlier today]   You can probably tell I’ve been really sick because I couldn’t manage to write about the Charlie Hebdo Jihadist mass murder. Now that the immediate crisis is past and my fevers are back under some control, some thoughts. I was actually surprised and gladdened by the response to the slaughter … Continue reading Charlie, Blasphemer

Darkness Visible: Live-Blogging The Torture Report

5.00 pm. Since we’re now in our sixth hour of live-blogging, I’m going to wrap it up for the time being. But I want to end on a positive note. Everything that happened in this damning report is because of Americans. But the report itself is a function of other Americans determined to push back … Continue reading Darkness Visible: Live-Blogging The Torture Report

Did Snowden Tip Off Al-Qaeda’s Cryptographers? Ctd

Contradicting a report issued last month by the intelligence firm Recorded Future (and subsequently dismissed as state-sponsored agitprop by Greenwald), Murtaza Hussain highlights a new report from Flashpoint Global Partners that concludes that Snowden’s leaks about NSA surveillance were not to blame for improvements in jihadist groups’ cyber security: The report itself goes on to make the point that, “Well prior … Continue reading Did Snowden Tip Off Al-Qaeda’s Cryptographers? Ctd

Did Snowden Tip Off Al-Qaeda’s Cryptographers? Ctd

by Jonah Shepp Not by a long shot, Glenn Greenwald and Andrew Fishman answer, hitting back forcefully at the report claiming that al-Qaeda overhauled its cryptography in response to the Snowden leaks. To begin with, they point out that Recorded Future, the intelligence firm that issued the report, has deep and longstanding financial ties to the US intelligence community and as such … Continue reading Did Snowden Tip Off Al-Qaeda’s Cryptographers? Ctd

Syria’s Deadly Food Fight, Ctd

Annia Ciezadlo takes an in-depth look: Starvation thrives on the confusion and social disruption of war; famines and food shortages tend to have multiple factors. This makes it easy to portray them as unfortunate but inevitable, the outcome of tragic circumstance (potato blight in Ireland) rather than deliberate manipulation (British exports of Irish grain). The hunger … Continue reading Syria’s Deadly Food Fight, Ctd