Is Pizza Really A Problem?

Marcotte spotlights a new study published in Pediatrics that warns parents about pizza consumption: Children in this study, which tracked subjects ages 2 to 19 using Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, netted 84 extra calories on days they ate pizza, and teenagers netted 230 extra calories over kids who did not eat pizza on that day. “Pizza … Continue reading Is Pizza Really A Problem?

Why Are There Fewer Abortions? Ctd

Marcotte isn’t convinced by Frum’s theory that the abortion rate has gone down thanks to the pro-life movement convincing more women to carry their pregnancies to term: Yes, the abortion rate is down. But if that was due to women choosing childbirth over abortion, then we’d see a subsequent spike in the birth rate to go … Continue reading Why Are There Fewer Abortions? Ctd

The UVA Story Unravels, Ctd

Not only did #Jackie fabricate details of incident, she threw her FRIENDS under the bus, painting them as cold & shallow. Craven. #UVAHoax — NoEmptySuits (@NoEmptySuits) December 11, 2014 Mollie Hemingway reacts to the revelations we noted earlier today: Yes, the latest shocking revelations about Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone’s journalism are stunning. They … Continue reading The UVA Story Unravels, Ctd

Dissents Of The Day

A reader writes: I’m a Republican subscriber to the Dish and a frequent yeller at my computer screen as a result – and I’ll stay an enthusiastic subscriber because you’ve got passion and smarts and personality, and that’ll more than do. But honestly, not one reference, throughout your ongoing commentary about the Senate torture report, to … Continue reading Dissents Of The Day

Illiberal Feminism Strikes Again, Ctd

Apparently, according to @AmandaMarcotte, someone insisting people fact check serious accusations = rape apologist. Ridiculous. — Karl Anthony Township, MN (@TrillScottP) December 5, 2014 @AmandaMarcotte you have officially gone off the deep end with this one, hackette. — Sarah (@mamaswati) December 5, 2014 Judith Levine has a must-read on the intellectual climate that prompted some … Continue reading Illiberal Feminism Strikes Again, Ctd

A Woman’s Place In The House

Marcotte spotlights the gender breakdown in Congress: As reported by both Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post and Rachel Maddow this week, Republicans announced the chairmanships for next year’s House committees. Twenty out of 21 of the spots are going to men. The only woman is Rep. Candice Miller, who will be heading the Committee on House Administration. Compare … Continue reading A Woman’s Place In The House