A Conversation With Masha Gessen

For our latest Deep Dish podcast, I sat down and chatted with Masha Gessen, whose work I’ve read, admired and even edited over the years.  Masha’s books include The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin and, most recently, Words Will Break Cement: The Passion of Pussy Riot. Our politics are somewhat different, but it’s … Continue reading A Conversation With Masha Gessen

Due Process For The Devil

.@GlobeCullen: Specter of the death penalty is the elephant in the courtroom in Tsarnaev trial http://t.co/PxDAKn0Pfa pic.twitter.com/YItwyYlZVl — The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) January 6, 2015 Jury selection began yesterday in the trial of the accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Reporting from the courtroom, Seth Stevenson touches on why it is significant that he is being tried in the … Continue reading Due Process For The Devil

Why Are So Many Russians Dying?

Masha Gessen is perplexed why they are “dying in numbers, and at ages, and of causes never seen in any other country that is not, by any standard definition, at war”: Sometime in 1993, after several trips to Russia, I noticed something bizarre and disturbing: people kept dying. I was used to losing friends to AIDS in … Continue reading Why Are So Many Russians Dying?

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Vladimir?

by Dish Staff Jeffrey A. Stacey and John Herbst argue that the international community needs to do more to combat Putin’s aggressive behavior: The time has come for the West to make a decisive move to counter Putin’s irregular war against Ukraine. The Russian president has introduced a perilous new norm into the international system, namely … Continue reading How Do You Solve A Problem Like Vladimir?

Putin Isn’t Backing Down

Janine Davidson is distressed: [T]he lack of de-escalation and the media war being conducted by Putin are both alarming signals to the international community that this tragedy has not fractured the resolve of the pro-Russian separatists, nor those in the shadows supporting them.  Since the downing of MH-17, pro-Russian separatists have used surface-to-air missiles to bring down two … Continue reading Putin Isn’t Backing Down

Where Will Putin Stop?

Pavel Felgenhauer claims that Putin must move fast if he’s going to grab Eastern and Southern Ukraine: If Putin decides to send in his troops, he has a narrow window in which to act. The winter of 2014 in Russia and Ukraine was relatively mild with little snow, while the spring is early and warm. The soil is drying rapidly, … Continue reading Where Will Putin Stop?

Liberal Arts Intervention

by Jonah Shepp To support democracy abroad, Charles Kenny advocates inviting more foreign students to study at American universities: Student experiences can have a huge impact on attitudes toward democracy and governance, and those with foreign education are an incredibly influential group in their home countries regardless of where they live. In national security terms, that points … Continue reading Liberal Arts Intervention

Asylum, Sponsored By Coca-Cola

by Jonah Shepp Masha Gessen suggests a way for pro-gay companies to support LGBT individuals in Russia and other oppressive countries without damaging their business interests: Immigration Equality, a legal organization that represents LGBT asylum-seekers in the United States, has recently hired a full-time Russian-speaking paralegal to help with the intake of new clients. Russian speakers now represent … Continue reading Asylum, Sponsored By Coca-Cola