Ebola, ISIS, Putin: Meep Meep Watch

Cast your mind back, if you can bear it, to the frenetic last days of the campaign in the mid-terms. The world, the GOP kept insisting, was coming undone – and everything was Obama’s fault. Somehow, Obama had fumbled the response to Ebola, letting infected people into the country, and risking a huge and fatal … Continue reading Ebola, ISIS, Putin: Meep Meep Watch

No Drama Obama vs High Drama Putin: Meep Meep

And about using BUK by “rebels”. Here’s a control panel. Go on, sort it out. @lennutrajektoor pic.twitter.com/1q2HU6Pw5X — Скептикобандеровец (@nahtrezer) July 18, 2014 It’s been a study in contrasts for quite some time. One global leader whips up nationalist sentiment to get sky-high ratings at home; the other glides through another summer of Tea Party … Continue reading No Drama Obama vs High Drama Putin: Meep Meep

A “Meep Meep” Moment In The Gulf?

by Jonah Shepp News that Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has been invited to Saudi Arabia is music to Paul Pillar’s ears. He attributes the emerging thaw between the two regional giants in large part to American leadership, though the usual suspects will deny it: Rapprochement between Iran and its Arab neighbors is good for the neighbors as … Continue reading A “Meep Meep” Moment In The Gulf?

Obama’s Meep Meep On Healthcare

There are plenty of imponderables left on the fate of the ACA, Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement. Premiums could still spike later this year; the full data on the numbers with actual, paid-for health insurance via the exchanges is not yet known; the resistance on the right to it is still mighty; in many states, … Continue reading Obama’s Meep Meep On Healthcare

Meep Meep Watch

Yesterday, an ABC/WaPo poll registered a “new high” for Obamacare support: The Fix summarizes the poll numbers: Overall, 49 percent support and 48 percent oppose the health-care law in the new poll, hardly changed from January (46-49 support-oppose) but clearly better than November, when 40 percent expressed support and 57 percent were opposed.  The growth in support … Continue reading Meep Meep Watch