Ebola, ISIS, Putin: Meep Meep Watch

Cast your mind back, if you can bear it, to the frenetic last days of the campaign in the mid-terms. The world, the GOP kept insisting, was coming undone – and everything was Obama’s fault. Somehow, Obama had fumbled the response to Ebola, letting infected people into the country, and risking a huge and fatal … Continue reading Ebola, ISIS, Putin: Meep Meep Watch

Obama’s Meep Meep On Healthcare

There are plenty of imponderables left on the fate of the ACA, Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement. Premiums could still spike later this year; the full data on the numbers with actual, paid-for health insurance via the exchanges is not yet known; the resistance on the right to it is still mighty; in many states, … Continue reading Obama’s Meep Meep On Healthcare

Meep Meep, Motherfuckers

“Had we rolled out something that was very smooth and disciplined and linear, they would have graded it well, even if it was a disastrous policy. We know that, because that’s exactly how they graded the Iraq war,” – president Obama. Oh, snap! It’s been awesome to watch today as all the jerking knees quieted … Continue reading Meep Meep, Motherfuckers

Another Meep-Meep Moment? Ctd

Readers keep the spirited debate going: This talk of a meep-meep is absurd and could only be dreamed up by Obama-bots who are just as determined to wear rose-colored-glasses with all-things Obama as you declare the Right to be obstructionist against his every move. The only crisis averted was Obama’s crisis of accountability for his red-line … Continue reading Another Meep-Meep Moment? Ctd

Another Meep-Meep Moment?

A reader writes: You and Charles Pierce both seem to have done a 180 on the Syria question, and neither of you seems to have explicitly admitted it.  You’ve gone from slamming Obama for being imperial, idealistic, bloodthirsty, foolhardy – and God knows what else – to praising him for his subtlety, nuance, willingness to … Continue reading Another Meep-Meep Moment?

Meepage Update

After his alleged humiliation, the latest poll from the NYT/CBS sees the silver lining for Obama. He doesn't come out smelling like roses, but the GOP has tainted itself badly by its tactics in the eyes of Americans. Obama's handling comes out a wash, 46-47 approve-disapprove; Boehner does worse: 30 – 57. His 57 percent … Continue reading Meepage Update

Meep Meep: Readers Respond

A reader writes:

Your views aren't part of the minority, they're part of the Silent Majority.  The Vocal Minority may win the news cycle (i.e. fantasy world), but out here in the real world, we can see the progress.


It is disgusting to see the far left complaining about Obama as much as the right wing does. Hope the sane Center holds.


There is actually a pretty simple reason for the unhappiness with Obama of many on the left.  Many on the left decry the consumerist behavior of some Americans — spending on anything that happens to catch their fancy, whether they really need it, or can afford it, or

Four More Years: Reader Reax


A reader writes:

Well, someone's gotta say it: meep meep.


This morning, still on a high but starting to think clearly again, I started reflecting on the results from last night. I believe that this election is in some ways just as historically significant as the last one. You could make the case that voters in 2008 were rejecting the Bush years as much as they were endorsing Obama. The presidential contest this year, however, was all about Obama.

And while conservatives tried to attack Obama for not bringing the "change" he’d promised, it’s clear that change has come – a black president is re-elected, female candidates were winning all over the place (including all four House and Senate seats from New Hampshire now being represented by women), marriage equality won in multiple states and we have our first openly gay Senator. Turnout remained high (or went even higher) among those in the Obama coalition – the young, blacks, Latinos – who would supposedly not turn out this time. Even legal pot won!

I’m not convinced that this election will cure the GOP of their intransigence, but I hope these results help them read the writing on the wall.


One of my close friends is a dutiful Beck-Limbaugh-Fox supporter who echoed George Will and Dick Morris in predicting a Romney landslide. His confidence was so strong he contemplated not voting yesterday – and he lives in Virginia. He ended up voting and told me afterwards that while chatting to folks in line at the polls, he was stunned how many Obama supporters he encountered.

It makes me wonder if the right-wing propaganda machine didn't do more harm than good with its outlandish and unrealistic confidence in a Romney victory. Instead of his supporters being fired up to vote in a nail-bitingly close election, they believed the gasbags in la-la land who claimed there was no chance Mitt could lose. Sort of the reverse effect of the exit polls in 2004, when Kerry seemed like such a sure thing mid-day that lots of Democrats didn't bother casting a ballot.

On that note:

A caller to Bill Bennett's radio show this morning, almost in tears:  "I hate to say this, but people like Sarah Palin and Karl Rove need to go away." Bennett deflected to a comment about how, if anyone is unrelatable and deeply hated by many people, it's Barack Obama.

Not one of those people:

I am an Obama-supporting Democrat living in red and rural Pennsylvania.  Sometimes I feel very alone.  I voted at 7:00am yesterday morning – the 3rd to vote in my precinct.  The rest of the day I felt anxious and nauseous. My whole body ached for the unknown.

Oh, that wonderful feeling of knowing President Obama won reelection!  I danced around my living room, laughing and drinking wine!  I was one very happy American woman!

I do have one presidential election tradition that I started during the Bush-vs-Kerry year.  I take a vacation day on the Wednesday following the election. Being that I live in red and rural Pennsylvania, almost all my co-workers are hardcore Republicans and now Tea Partiers.  These are people whom I like, but I just can't be around them the next day.  When Clinton won reelection, I remember hearing one coworker fantasizing about assassination and saying something to the effect "If I wasn't married with children, it would only take two bullets – one for Clinton and one for Gore."  It completely through me off guard!  I liked my coworker. I still like him.  How could he possibly say something so horrible?  So now I always take this day off, because if my side wins, I don't want to hear it.  And if my side loses, I don't want to hear it.

So I sleep in. I read The Dish.  And I rake the leaves in my yard … with a big smile on my face!

Another observes:

It occurs to me that this election bears striking similarities with Obama's primary victory over Clinton in '08. In each, he and his team dug deep into the mechanics of the how the victory was ultimately going to be decided and worked to get an edge in those places that would give them the most bang for their buck. In '08, it was targeting the caucus states where his organizational prowess could have an outsize effect, and this time around, it was targeting specific populations in the key swing states to turn them out in higher numbers using his well established, funded, and organized ground game. Well played.


As a social scientist I cannot help but feel validated by the results of this election.