Mike Allen Or Rick Sanchez?

A reader writes:

Let's get down to the bottom of it…if a fatuous quasi journalist like Rick Sanchez on CNN can nail Ensign, than Politico should do enough homework to push back on Cheney.  Is it possible that the so-called "journalists" at Politico could learn a thing or two from Rick Sanchez?

I think this misunderstands how Allen views journalism. His role, he seems to believe, is to become very very close to people with power, to become their friends and confidants, in order to get an advantage over delivering the messages those people want to deliver. And if he can become their main outlet, he gets more status in Washington as someone more connected than anyone else, he garners more pageviews for press releases from often anonymous power-brokers, and thereby generates more money for an organization he helped found.

This is what Washington journalists think is their job; and they value one another by the proximity of their ties to the powerful. In a business sense, they can also brag about their close ties to Cheney as a way to get major corporations to buy ads under the impression that the powerful read the Politico. This is the model. And it's a problem.

Mike Allen: The Smithers Of Roger Ailes

Erik Wemple has another blockbuster piece on the corporate public relations newsletter known as Mike Allen’s Playbook at Politico. This time, it’s about the constant, fawning press releases Allen writes for his favorite news channel and personal idol, Roger Ailes. The latest piece of puffery from Allen is a summary of the new Gabe Sherman … Continue reading Mike Allen: The Smithers Of Roger Ailes

Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Politico is still acting like a politician riding out a scandal by refusing to engage it, rather than a newspaper dedicated to transparency. Allen’s fusion of advertizing clients and personal relationships and puff pieces – a veritable nest of conflicts of interest – is apparently beyond reproach because, well, er … just because. Jim Vandehei’s … Continue reading Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Pareene tackles the purveyor of Playbook: Allen considers press releases from organizations he covers to be plainly newsworthy in their own right and therefore worthy of passing on to his readers because he’s engaged in trade journalism — reporting on a sector for that sector, not for a general audience. You wouldn’t expect Ad Age to suddenly become adversarial … Continue reading Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Chait reflects on the new Mike Allen take-down: Playbook goes beyond the routine and wildly promiscuous use of native advertising. Indeed, the behavior Wemple documents would ordinarily amount to a scandal and a likely firing offense, except that it seems to be Allen’s essential job description. As Wemple points out, some of the advertisers are also Allen’s friends. And, of … Continue reading Mike Allen, Busted, Ctd

Mike Allen, Busted

Dish readers know what I think of “native advertizing” and “sponsored content.” If it’s an advertorial, just call it and clearly label it an advertorial! Full disclosure and transparency are essential. The rest is whoredom, not journalism. When a journalist becomes a copy-writer for big advertisers giving him or his publication money, and does not … Continue reading Mike Allen, Busted

Calling Mike Allen

Did Dick Cheney do his first ever lobbying for marriage equality, as some reports are saying? Allen has, in the past, simply reprinted Cheney's press releases as journalism. Why not this one? Or is Dick on the pro-gay downlow?

The GOP Establishment (And Mike Allen) Loves Palin’s Ad

Philip Rucker takes the temperature of Republican strategists:

[They] are already praising the video. For a political figure used to an off-the-cuff style, Palin's video has a professional and polished feel that could strengthen and broaden her emotional appeal among female voters. One prominent GOP media consultant described the video as "brilliant," adding: "I wish I'd done it."

Glynnis MacNicol further analyzes the ad:

Truth be told it almost manages to make Palin look presidential, or at least a serious candidate.