A Redder And Bluer World, Ctd

A reader writes: Such a gloomy post! I think there is still reason to be optimistic. The rhetoric of the new Pope suggests religious institutions are not yet completely closed to change. That young evangelicals tend to be less socially conservative is a hopeful situation. It is difficult to see how conflicted countries in the … Continue reading A Redder And Bluer World, Ctd

A Redder And Bluer World

We used to live on a planet defined by collectivism/communism and individualism/market capitalism. It was a crude way to describe the second half of the 20th Century, but it worked relatively well. Vast, stultified masses were toiling under the disproven theories of dead Victorians in Russia, China, and parts of South America; while the West … Continue reading A Redder And Bluer World

The Best Of The Dish Today

I tried to make sense of the modernity vs fundamentalism struggle, from America to Egypt, Turkey and beyond. Readers pushed back against the inhumanity of forced feeding here and here. We hailed the badass flight attendants of Asiana 214, while readers explained the process of letting old dogs go. And Bill Kristol – surprise! – … Continue reading The Best Of The Dish Today

The Geography Of Inequality

Dylan Matthews parses the Palma ratio, a method of measuring income inequality: [T]he most shocking number from that [Danish Institute of International Studies (DIIS) report] is the global Palma: the ratio of the top 10 percent’s share of world income to the bottom 40 percent’s share, taking every country into account. The ratio, DIIS estimates, is about 32. … Continue reading The Geography Of Inequality

The South vs Social Mobility

Jul 22, 2013 @ 11:52am Here’s the map from the NYT today on regions and income mobility. The redder the region the lower the mobility: Doesn’t it seem to you that the South stands out with particular starkness? That the most solidly Republican region offers the least equality of opportunity? Among the cities with the … Continue reading The South vs Social Mobility

The GOP Exposed

The House Republicans just pushed through a farm bill with extremely generous farm subsidies while scrapping the usual corollary food stamp aid. It doesn’t get clearer than that. There’s no small government consistency here – just an embrace of subsidizing Big Ag and a contempt for the needy in a long, protracted growth recession. Are they … Continue reading The GOP Exposed