Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

A new police drama imagines a world where AI surpasses human intelligence: Kevin Drum’s new article argues that this kind of technology might not be science fiction much longer. He thinks this will be beneficial in the long-term but worries that such advances will hugely disrupt the labor markets in the short-term: Unlike humans, an intelligent … Continue reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Which Jobs Will Robots Take?

Boston Dynamics’ BigDog learns how to throw: Free Exchange argues that the increasing sophistication of robots isn’t necessarily a threat to workers: At airline check-in counters, say, computers are displacing employees from mundane tasks like printing boarding passes. That makes it easier for the humans to respond to unexpected problems like cancelled flights or changed itineraries. Machines serve … Continue reading Which Jobs Will Robots Take?

Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Derek Thompson sees no reason to fixate on the question: 40 years from now, grappling with the fallout of an automated economy might be the most important economic issue of our time Today, however, worrying about robots taking over the economy feels more like an intellectual exercise. There’s no need for an artificial crisis over artificial intelligence. … Continue reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs?

Are Robots Taking Our Jobs?

Daniel Lyons explores the question:

Jeff Burnstein, president of the Robotics Industry Association, a trade group in Ann Arbor, Mich., argues that robots actually save U.S. jobs. His logic: companies that embrace automation might use fewer workers, but that’s still better than firing everyone and moving the work overseas.

Will Machines Destroy The Jobs Market?

Experts can’t agree: On Wednesday, Pew Research and Elon University released a report titled “AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs.” The report compiles and summarizes the results of a sort of expert opinion survey in which the researchers asked 1,900 economists, management scientists, industry analysts, and policy thinkers one big question: “Will networked, automated, artificial intelligence … Continue reading Will Machines Destroy The Jobs Market?

Rebuilding With Robots

Glenn Thrush covers the revival of Pittsburgh: The irony that a city built on an industrial working class has reclaimed part of its past industrial glory by developing machines designed, in some cases, to replace human workers is lost on exactly no one. Carnegie Robotics, a new CMU startup generating a lot of buzz, makes a machine … Continue reading Rebuilding With Robots

The Robots Took Er Jerbs – In Poetry!

Brian Merchant examines the rise of poetry-writing computer programs like @Pentametron, which collects iambic pentameter tweets: It’s especially interesting since Pentametron is artificially creating compelling poetry from explicitly human-authored sentiments. Yet Twitter bots like this only mark the entry point into what we might as well call roboetry. More sophisticated software can be put in service of writing poetry, too; like SwiftKey, a machine … Continue reading The Robots Took Er Jerbs – In Poetry!

The Robots Took Er Jerbs! Ctd

Last week, a study identified the jobs most likely to be automated in the future. Derek Thompson looks at how the fastest-growing jobs will be impacted: Here are the ten fastest-growing jobs and the odds that robots and software eat them: 1) Personal care aides: 74% 2) Registered nurses: 0.9% 3) Retail salespersons: 92% 4) Combined food prep & … Continue reading The Robots Took Er Jerbs! Ctd

The Robots Took Er Jerbs!

Prompted by a new study predicting that as many as half of all American jobs might be lost to computers and robots in the next few decades, Derek Thompson stops to consider how our view of automation is changing: We might be on the edge of a breakthrough moment in robotics and artificial intelligence. Although the past … Continue reading The Robots Took Er Jerbs!