Views Differ On Meaning Of “Sexual Assault” Ctd

A reader comments on this post: The excerpt from Elizabeth Nolan Brown quotes “increasing progressive activism around the idea that drunk people can’t give consent.” I’m troubled by this.  The fact is, people can (and do) give consent while intoxicated.  Intoxication does not render one a zombie or possessed by a demon.  In fact, many would argue … Continue reading Views Differ On Meaning Of “Sexual Assault” Ctd

What Can Prevent Campus Rape? Ctd

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown A reader writes: I have been involved in student affairs at a college campus in some capacity for over twenty years.  I have some, not a lot of, experience with sexual assault investigations.  Police should always be notified, and it is their job to conduct investigations according to their established procedures.  … Continue reading What Can Prevent Campus Rape? Ctd

What Can Prevent Campus Rape?

by Elizabeth Nolan Brown Judith Levine published a beautiful piece this week on how “to stop campus rape,” an issue that’s recently been getting attention from far outside its usual feminist bounds. In Congress, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) and a bipartisan team have been trying to pass a federal Campus Accountability and Safety Act (CASA) which would, among other things, … Continue reading What Can Prevent Campus Rape?

Separate Rules For Sexual Assault

Kat Stoeffel explains why colleges have such a poor track record when it comes to handling rape cases: Title IX requires administrators to exercise their power to remove sexual offenders from the environment – temporarily, permanently, until the accuser graduates — even if the accused wouldn’t be found guilty in a criminal court. That’s explicit: In a 2011 … Continue reading Separate Rules For Sexual Assault

Get High, Lower Rape?

Annie Lowrey floats the idea: According to government research, every year, 97,000 students are “victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape,” with alcohol consumption having a profound effect on perpetrators’ behavior. … [T]here is some evidence that young people tend to substitute pot for alcohol. They either burn one down or chug one down; more pot means less beer. And there’s also … Continue reading Get High, Lower Rape?

Keg Stands Manned By Women?

Unbelievable? How could Mary Landrieu lose? I thought she had the keg stand frat boy bloc locked up. #LASen — Srcih Lelrim (@ChrisAMillerNow) December 7, 2014 There’s been a growing chorus of bloggers arguing that an approach to lowering sexual assault on campus shouldn’t just target frats, but also empower sororities – to throw their own parties. Anna … Continue reading Keg Stands Manned By Women?

“No Basis To Believe That An Incident Occurred”

Phi Kappa Psi, the frat accused of gang rape by Rolling Stone, is no longer suspended: As the spring semester started at UVA, the school reinstated its chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, saying police have cleared the frat, for now. Charlottesville police Captain Gary Pleasants confirmed that while they’re still investigating the case, “We found no … Continue reading “No Basis To Believe That An Incident Occurred”

Would You Report Your Rape? Ctd

by Dish Staff Several more readers open up: To echo the sentiments of those before me, thank you so much for continuing this discussion. It has been one year since my rape. I have made a conscious decision not to report the incident and I don’t regret that decision for a minute. I was 100% sober … Continue reading Would You Report Your Rape? Ctd

Talking About The Law Of Rape

by Michelle Dean At the New Yorker, Harvard law professor Jeannie Suk writes that it’s getting harder to teach the law of rape on campus. She describes a collision course between her desire to teach the hard cases – ones where the parameters of consent may be tested – and the sensitivities of students. Her list of the … Continue reading Talking About The Law Of Rape