What’s Next For Uganda’s Gays?

#Uganda court overturns its harsh anti-gay law, check out John Oliver’s hilarious analysis of the situation here: http://t.co/j4wn2LMZKr — ACA Initiative (@ACAinitiative) August 4, 2014 Last week, a Ugandan court struck down the country’s draconian Anti-Homosexuality Act. Melina Platas Izama gives credit to “the vital role played by concerned citizens and the legal community in Uganda”: … Continue reading What’s Next For Uganda’s Gays?

What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

The latest move by the administration: The United States on Thursday cut aid to Uganda, imposed visa restrictions and canceled a regional military exercise in response to a Ugandan law that imposes harsh penalties on homosexuality. Kim Yi Dionne weighs the risks: Some analysts raise concerns that punitive measures by Western governments will generate a backlash that will “have … Continue reading What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

On Sunday, the Obama administration finally followed the lead of European countries and NGOs by cutting aid to Uganda. In addition to withholding funds from Uganda’s Inter-Religious Council, which helps combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic, the US will suspend programs that might endanger gays and lesbians: [B]ecause the law makes “promoting homosexuality” illegal, a U.S. funded study to help … Continue reading What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner How Uganda was seduced by America’s anti-gay conservative evangelicals: http://t.co/abr8k7Zmef via @IndyWorld @Independent — Tim Walker (@timwalker) March 15, 2014 While many European countries and international groups have cut aid to the Ugandan government, the White House seems stuck: Since Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed legislation imposing up to a lifetime prison sentence … Continue reading What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays? Ctd

What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays?

#Uganda's pastor @martinssempa says he is willing to offer counseling and rehabilitation to homosexuals in #Uganda pic.twitter.com/cwHw2l5Zr3 — UBC UGANDA (@ubctvuganda) February 25, 2014 European countries and international institutions are cutting aid to Uganda over its new law criminalizing homosexuality: Norway, Demark and the Netherlands, which collectively had provided $27 million in aid to Uganda, have announced that they … Continue reading What Can We Do For Uganda’s Gays?

Uganda’s “Kill The Gays Bill” Returns

It may get a vote as soon as tomorrow. Jim Burroway, who has been following the Ugandan legislation closely, has difficulty gauging the bill's chances of passing. Michelle Goldberg partially blames social conservatives in the US:

The point is not that American Christians urged their Ugandan counterparts to try to institute the death penalty for homosexuality—they didn’t. … Yet the ideology underlying the bill comes from American conservatives.

What It’s Like To Be Gay In Uganda

by Dish Staff Brandon Ambrosino interviews Nicholas Opiyo, a Ugandan attorney who helped overturn the country’s infamous anti-gay law. He describes the harassment Ugandan gays face: You’re not going to see public flogging of gay people in the streets. That would be a rarity, and even if it occurs, because of the nature of our media, it’s not going … Continue reading What It’s Like To Be Gay In Uganda

The Return Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Act?

Politicians are working to bring reintroduce it after the country’s constitutional court struck it down on a technicality Friday: On Tuesday, members of parliament supporting a new version of the measure held a press conference to announce that they would try to push a nearly identical version of the Anti Homosexuality Act through parliament within the … Continue reading The Return Of Uganda’s Anti-Gay Act?

How Will Francis Handle Uganda?

Michael O’Loughlin challenges the Pope to stand up to bishops supporting anti-gay laws in Africa: Violence and discrimination against gays and lesbians around the world is very real and, in places, growing. From Nigeria to Uganda to Russia, efforts to codify rampant homophobia and lend legitimacy to the mobs that torment sexual minorities have widespread backing. That … Continue reading How Will Francis Handle Uganda?

The Terror In Uganda Deepens, Ctd

In addition to signing the “kill the gays” law, Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni approved an extraordinarily sweeping “anti-pornography” bill last week. “Pornography,” in this case, includes skimpy summer clothes: According to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, [the law] bans “behavior or form of communication or speech or information or literature or publication in whole or publication in part or news story or entertainment or … Continue reading The Terror In Uganda Deepens, Ctd