Women Who Get High, Ctd

A reader writes:

I am a 32 year old professional woman.  I work as a paralegal at a law firm in a major city and have been in the legal field since I was 19.  I smoke pot every night and have smoked pot regularly since high school.  I smoke far more than my male partner at home (I often call him a lightweight and tell him I can "smoke him under the table").  I do 90% of the buying in our house, mainly because I smoke so much more than him.  I also work out every day.  Why?  Because I smoke pot, get the munchies, and chow down on something sugary and sweet every night.  

My best friend of 12 years is also in the legal field, also smokes every night, also smokes far more than her husband and does 100% of the buying for their house. I guess we are not normal but I see nothing wrong with my habits and have never felt guilty about it.

Top Ten Posts Of The Year By Traffic

  1. Worst Logo Ever: 402,400 page views
  2. Sarah Palin Does Not Understand Cap And Trade: 235,551 page views
  3. Chris Wallace, A Teenage Girl Interviewing The Jonas Brothers: 198,593 page views
  4. "My Favorite Memo Ever": 113,582 page views
  5. The Odd Lies Of Sarah Palin: A Summary Before The Next Round: 98,642 page views
  6. Death Panels Without the Panels: 91,709 page views
  7. To Our Readers: 80,122 page views
  8. The Drunkest Nation: 80,055 page views
  9. The Cannabis Closet: The Parents II: 69,874 page views
  10. Follow-Up On Earlier Posts: 68,254

All this is according to Omniture Web Analytics. Traffic from posts with the same title (Quote For The Day, The View From Your Sickbed, Mental Health Break, etc) could not be differentiated. Such posts are therefore excluded from this ranking.

All in all, you get a glimpse of what succeeds online: masturbating priests, Matt Stone's potty mouth, Sarah Palin's gargantuan lies, taking a moment to make sense of Sarah Palin's gargantuan lies, Chris Wallace's fellatial non-journalism, shit-faced Brits, and stoned parents. But the logo that gave us over 400,000 pageviews?

So dirty you'll have to click:

“The View From Your Window”: First Batch Shipped


The first offset run of 2,000 books – which were bought up last month in just four days – are shipping out today to their new owners.  About half of the 1,000 books in the second batch are still available, so secure one today for just $16.25.  Those purchased copies will be sent out on the 9th – still in time for the holidays (click here for the official shipping charts). They make a great gift, especially for a Dish reader you know, or anyone else who might be captivated by a world-tour through 200 separate windows photographed by readers over the past three years.

You can preview the book here with an interactive guide at Blurb.com, the print-on-demand company that is publishing it. We just expanded the preview feature to include half of the photos inside, so it's worth a look even if you went there already.

“The View From Your Window”: First Run Sold Out

The Window book got a little swallowed up by Palinpalooza these past two weeks, but the sales didn't slacken. We sold 2,000 at the low, crowdsourced price of $16.25 within a week, and we've now persuaded Blurb to publish another 1,000 at the same price. After this next thousand are snapped up, the price will … Continue reading “The View From Your Window”: First Run Sold Out