“Yes Means Yes” Becomes Law

On Sunday, Jerry Brown signed California’s controversial affirmative-consent bill. Amanda Marcotte welcomes the news: This means that during an investigation of an alleged sexual assault, university disciplinary committees will have to ask if the sexual encounter met a standard where both parties were consenting, with consent defined as “an affirmative, conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity.” … Continue reading “Yes Means Yes” Becomes Law

Abuse In The Public Eye, Ctd

Hope Solo speaks out http://t.co/OTJNTeCWr2 @CindyBoren pic.twitter.com/1IVXLmc5Ej — David Beard (@dabeard) September 24, 2014 Ta-Nehisi Coates comments on comparisons between two controversial athletes: Soccer star Hope Solo is alleged to have assaulted her sister and 17-year old nephew in June of this year. Unlike Ray Rice, Solo is still plying her trade as a goalkeeper for … Continue reading Abuse In The Public Eye, Ctd

The Other NFL Abuse Scandal

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has been accused of beating his kid. Amy Davidson runs through what appears to have happened: This preschooler wasn’t paddled or, as Peterson put it to police, “swatted”; he was whipped with a stick and left with open wounds on his body. It’s also not obvious that Peterson has been at all … Continue reading The Other NFL Abuse Scandal

Celebrities: They Sext Like Us, Ctd

by Dish Staff If you’re a female celebrity, #celebgate is your fault for basically having skin http://t.co/gz7gPyiaqN pic.twitter.com/2ASIKPNElt — Cooper Fleishman (@_Cooper) September 1, 2014 The photo leak scandal wages on. Alyssa Rosenberg raises an eyebrow at some of the advice these celebrities have received: The theft and release of the photos are callous enough. These periodic violations suggest … Continue reading Celebrities: They Sext Like Us, Ctd

When Women Rebuff Republicans

by Dish Staff Jake Sherman and Anna Palmer present the latest on women’s attitudes towards the GOP: Women are “barely receptive” to Republicans’ policies, and the party does “especially poorly” with women in the Northeast and Midwest, according to an internal Crossroads GPS and American Action Network report obtained by POLITICO. It was presented to a small … Continue reading When Women Rebuff Republicans

Two Beautiful People Wed

by Dish Staff As the magazines by the supermarket checkout would have told you soon enough, Brangelina just made things official. Brandon Ambrosino notes the same-sex marriage connection to these opposite-sex nuptials: In 2006, Pitt said he and Jolie would not tie the knot until marriage was allowed for both LGBT and non-LGBT Americans. When DOMA … Continue reading Two Beautiful People Wed

Two Cheers for Bustle

by Freddie deBoer While I’m on the subject of making professional online writing sustainable– yesterday, Amanda Hess at Slate took a look back at the first year of Bustle, the controversial women’s site that launched to much derision. That criticism largely stemmed from Bustle’s founder, Bryan Goldberg, and a disastrous announcement he made that made … Continue reading Two Cheers for Bustle

Fark Self-Censorship

by Dish Staff Amanda Hess has limited expectations for a new misogyny ban at Fark: Policing misogyny is fabulous in theory. In practice, it’s a bitch. [Drew] Curtis notes that Fark’s commenters often appear to be engaging in an extreme “parody” of sexism, using a pastiche of satirical cultural references. (Fark contributors favor the SNL line “Jane, … Continue reading Fark Self-Censorship

“I was punished because a man had touched me.”

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy College may be experienced almost exclusively by (legal) adults, but the decision if and where to go is, for a traditional-age student, one made while still living at home, often as a minor, with tremendous parental input. And when you fill out that roommate-matching form about your lifestyle, mom, dad, someone … Continue reading “I was punished because a man had touched me.”

A Reason To Be A Spurs Fan

.@spurs fans, are you happy w/ this historic hire? @BeckyHammon just shattered a glass ceiling http://t.co/C8pnOhv4Rn pic.twitter.com/ETeQIDX0iO — CNN (@CNN) August 6, 2014 They just hired Becky Hammon to be the NBA’s first full-time female assistant coach. Yglesias isn’t surprised by the move: As Slate’s Amanda Hess wrote in a well-timed piece published yesterday, the NBA is generally much more … Continue reading A Reason To Be A Spurs Fan