Suicide Leaves Behind Nothing

“Suicide, seen as among the most selfish of acts, pushes a button in us that even murder doesn’t,” according to Clancy Martin: When I was in treatment for depression, I found that meeting and talking to other people about suicide was profoundly helpful; I saw what a loss it would have been had those people succeeded. … Continue reading Suicide Leaves Behind Nothing

Even Strong Black Women Get Suicidal

Karyn Washington, creator of ‘For Brown Girls’ website commits suicide at age 22. — militant_marker (@militant_marker) April 12, 2014 Following the suicide of a 22-year-old activist who founded a movement “to uplift and empower” African-American women, Josie Pickens considers the unique challenges they face when confronting depression: It is appropriate that [Karyn] Washington’s suicide is stimulating conversation around … Continue reading Even Strong Black Women Get Suicidal

Our Failure To Treat Suicidal Thoughts, Ctd

by Chris Bodenner A reader appears adrift: I need help understanding this issue. Put frankly, I don’t know that I buy the imperative that we should be making a thing out of preventing suicide. Loved ones are hurt by suicide. But what else? I am not exactly suicidal, but it’s not at all infrequent for me to be … Continue reading Our Failure To Treat Suicidal Thoughts, Ctd

Suicide And Secularism

Jennifer Michael Hecht, author of Stay: A History of Suicide and the Philosophies Against It, argues that in “the decades leading up to the Englightenment … open-minded questioning of religion became increasingly associated with an acceptance of suicide”: Christianity did not initially reject suicide…. In fact, Jesus’ death was understood by many as voluntary. In … Continue reading Suicide And Secularism

Thread Archive

last updated 5/6/2014 Listed in reverse-chronological order with the ostsost recent threads at the top: Most Recent: Do I Sound Gay? May 2014 Andrew and readers share their opinions of the sound of gay voices. The War Over The Core Apr – May 2014 Reader and the blogosphere debate on the pros/cons of the Common … Continue reading Thread Archive