Cutting Loose The “Bare Branches”

Dish alum Gwynn Guilford makes the case that marriage equality in China would not only be good for gays; it would “also help solve a China’s hugely problematic gender imbalance” caused by the country’s One Child policy: China has tens of millions more men of marriageable age than there are women. Known as “bare branches,” these guys pose … Continue reading Cutting Loose The “Bare Branches”

Only Child Myths, Ctd

A reader writes:

While I agree with Susan Newman that having an only child doesn't necessarily mean that child will be predisposed to selfishness and bossiness, there are still other factors to consider after adolescence. While I have two wonderful younger brothers, my wife is an only child.  Two months ago, her mother passed away unexpectedly.  It was a very difficult time for us, and still is, but her comment that struck me more than any other was:  "I've never wanted a brother or sister more in my life." She felt so alone, and when around her father, she felt like she had to be "on"; he needed her to be supportive.  

Another reader, an only-child, makes related points:

Chinese Democracy Watch


Paul Bonicelli is buoyed by the apparent success of mass protests in Dailan in forcing the government to close a polluting chemical plant:

The plant in question is not one that exploded or suffered a massive leak, though citizens fear such because it is close to a seawall that is unsound. More importantly, this massive plant that represents a significant part of the country's petrochemical production and therefore significant investment, was built a few years ago with the public kept in the dark and with disregard of environmental concerns. It would appear, then, that what happened with this protest was the boiling over of public resentment at be treated as subjects rather than as citizens.

Atomized Individuals

by Zoe Pollock Mark Lilla explores China's one-child policy and its psychological repercussions, through the story of a father distraught over his only son's breakup with a girl: It worries him that the popular culture now promotes dating and youthful romantic love, something he feels Chinese young people aren’t psychologically prepared for, especially the breakups. … Continue reading Atomized Individuals

Testosterone Nation

Mara Hvistendahl reports on the consequences of China’s one-child policy: Preliminary returns from the first generation of population-controlled kids suggest how all those unwanted men might fill up their time. Over the past decade, as the boys hit adolescence, the country’s youth crime rate more than doubled. In December, Chinese Society of Juvenile Delinquency Research … Continue reading Testosterone Nation