Obama vs The Obama Administration On War

Could the messaging get any worse? Eli Lake and Josh Rogin wonder how the president will maintain his light-touch approach to fighting ISIS when his people, specifically his top military brass, keep hinting that they favor a more direct intervention: The internal dissent is likely to intensify with Obama’s choice of John Allen to lead the international campaign to persuade … Continue reading Obama vs The Obama Administration On War

“We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet”

by Dish Staff That line from Obama’s address last night is garnering a lot of attention, especially from critics who say it encapsulates the core problem with his foreign policy in general and his approach to ISIS in particular. Ackerman reports on how US officials are interpreting the no-strategy strategy: Some current and former administration officials, speaking … Continue reading “We Don’t Have A Strategy Yet”

The Twice-Displaced Palestinians

by Jonah Shepp Alice Su highlights the peculiar predicament of Palestinian Syrians, who unlike other displaced people looking to flee the civil war don’t have the right to seek refuge in neighboring countries: Amid the millions of refugees from Syria flooding into neighboring countries like Lebanon and Jordan, a minority group is being quietly denied entry, detained, deported, and … Continue reading The Twice-Displaced Palestinians

A Sudden Crisis

by Dish Staff As the UN refugee agency launches its largest aid effort in more than a decade to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced people in northern Iraq, Swati Sharma remarks on how rapidly the humanitarian disaster has unfolded: The rate at which the situation in Iraq has deteriorated is the largest reason why it is being called one … Continue reading A Sudden Crisis

Foley’s British Executioner

by Dish Staff The unidentified jihadist who murdered James Foley in the video released yesterday spoke fluent English with a London accent, likely placing him among the hundreds of UK citizens who have traveled to Syria or Iraq to join up with ISIS. That revelation could motivate the UK to step up its involvement in the fight against the Islamic State: “We’ve been saying for a very … Continue reading Foley’s British Executioner

Pope Francis: Stop ISIS

by Matthew Sitman ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (AP) _ Pope endorses use of force in Iraq to protect minorities; says UN should approve intervention. — Ken Thomas (@KThomasDC) August 18, 2014 Mark Shea passes along the full text from Pope Francis’ press conference yesterday, including this statement about U.S. efforts to stop ISIS from killing … Continue reading Pope Francis: Stop ISIS

You Go To War With The Warmongers You Have

by Freddie deBoer Though the left is often seen as home to only pacifists and those who see the hand of imperialism in all proposed military action, there is also a healthy strain of messianic militarism on our side. I regularly engage with lefties who believe we should be “doing something” for the people of … Continue reading You Go To War With The Warmongers You Have

Is The Siege On Mount Sinjar Broken?

by Dish Staff Nofa, Yazidi mother who kept 2 month son Ayman alive by having a mountain goat suckle him milk: pic.twitter.com/Motu2aEs5Q — Jonathan Rugman (@jrug) August 14, 2014 A planned operation to rescue the thousands of Yazidis still camped out on Mount Sinjar in northwestern Iraq has been called off for the moment, with the Pentagon saying that … Continue reading Is The Siege On Mount Sinjar Broken?

ISIS And The Islamist Menace

by Dish Staff Terrorism, radicalism and savagery at peak. #ISIS jihadist shares human heads pictures as spoils of war. pic.twitter.com/5mcy0onkEr — Fatima Ali (@FatimaAli52) July 28, 2014 Alex Massie contends that ISIS’s peculiarly evil worldview puts us at odds whether or not we choose to be: Make no mistake, we may not consider ourselves at war with ISIS … Continue reading ISIS And The Islamist Menace