Obama’s Gitmo Disgrace

We all know that the Congress is fundamentally responsible for keeping the former torture camp open, by preventing the executive branch from financing the transfer of any prisoners to elsewhere in the US. We also know that some terrorists were captured but with no real proof; and that some have been transferred to other countries. … Continue reading Obama’s Gitmo Disgrace

“Doctors” At Gitmo

Steel yourself. If you were a doctor and had a patient showing up with symptoms like this, what would you do? contusions (2), bone fractures (3), lacerations (2), peripheral nerve damage (1), and sciatica (2). I'd ask how these occurred, wouldn't you? But the Gitmo doctors were remarkably incurious. These injuries just "happened." Ditto the … Continue reading “Doctors” At Gitmo

The Deaths At Gitmo

Conor Friedersdorf disagrees with Joe Carter's dismissal of the Gitmo "suicides" and acceptance of the official investigations. Carter has a spirited back and forth in the American Scene comment section. Carter:

Let’s be clear: [The guards Scott Horton talked to] can’t prove: (a) the existence of any CIA black site, (b) that any prisoners were moved at all that night, (c ) that the prisoners who died that night were the prisoners they claimed to have seen, (d) that the prisoners were not carried to the medical facility.

Three Corpses In Gitmo: The Very Worst Seems True

We have been told for so long that "enhanced interrogation techniques" are just "aggressive questioning"; that the ancient waterboarding technique is not torture; that Guantanamo Bay is a model prison facility GITMOFLAGJOHNMOORE:GETTY where detainees are, if anything, molly-coddled (in fact, Rudy Giuliani recently opined that "Guantanamo is better than half the Federal prisons.") We are also told routinely on Fox News that the United States has not and never would torture prisoners; we are told by the New York Times and NPR that use of the word "torture" is too biased; we have been told by many that to argue that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are war criminals is such an extreme position it disgraces anyone who states it, and marginalizes them to the fever swamps of leftist haters and hysterics.

These are all lies. They are pre-meditated lies. They are attempts to lie about some of the worst crimes committed by a president and vice-president of the United States in history. Anyone with their eyes open and their mind not closed knows this somewhere deep inside. And the only reason we do not know more about this is because of the criminal cover-up under the Bush administration and the enraging refusal of the Obama administration to do the right thing and open all of it to sunlight.

In the past, the Bush-Cheney administration could cover up their total control of the torture program and their direct authorization of the techniques used at Abu Ghraib by several distancing moves: "we are shocked that this happened"; it was the work of a "few bad apples"; the techniques we use are "relatively benign"; waterboarding is only torture if the Communists do it, and so on.

But now we have a clear case of something that pierces through this mendacity like a dagger – Scott Horton's haunting report in Harpers on those three strange 2006 suicides at Gitmo.

The Big Lie: Torture Got Bin Laden, Ctd

John McCain counters the torture apologists by describing the statements of former attorney general Mukasey as simply "false": I asked CIA Director Leon Panetta for the facts, and he told me the following: The trail to bin Laden did not begin with a disclosure from Khalid Sheik Mohammed, who was waterboarded 183 times. The first … Continue reading The Big Lie: Torture Got Bin Laden, Ctd

The Torture Program’s Black Site At GTMO

Dish readers know of the three alleged “suicides” that occurred in a facility at GTMO kept firmly off the books. Scott Horton’s story on the deaths – given the National Magazine Award – has been dismissed by the usual suspects in the military and CIA as preposterous. But given what we have now learned of … Continue reading The Torture Program’s Black Site At GTMO