The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin, Ctd

A reader writes: That is an irrational conclusion, in fact. If I begin to imagine that the voices coming out of my cell phone originate in the cell phone, and dismiss the idea that there are other people in some distant unseen part of the universe talking to me through my cell phone as madness, … Continue reading The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin, Ctd

The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin, Ctd

A reader writes: This is why rationality is ultimately irreconcilable with faith. Scientists can now pinpoint the exact spots in your brain that light up during spiritual moments and you have found a mushroom that reproduces the effect. But instead of acknowledging this as an interesting yet completely natural sensation, you instead conclude that it’s … Continue reading The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin, Ctd

The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin

A study confirms that the chemical in magic mushrooms can unlock spiritual feelings: Notably, 61% of volunteers considered the psilocybin experience during either or both the [highest dosage] sessions to have been the single most spiritually significant of their lives, with 83% rating it in their top five. Consistent with this, 94% and 89% of … Continue reading The Spiritual Power Of Psilocybin

The Politics of Psilocybin

A reader makes a realistic point: The one area of your blog I’ve without exception agreed with is your admirable and consistent defense of liberty. But don’t expect any politician to share those views. Psilocybin and THC are chemicals that are less toxic and less addicting than currently legal psychoactive substances. And they may have … Continue reading The Politics of Psilocybin

Religious Freedom and Psilocybin

We now have very solid evidence that magic mushrooms – or, more scientifically, mushrooms containing psilocybin – are astonishingly effective in giving humans life-changing mystical experiences. More research is needed – but the National Institute for Drug Abuse won’t cough up the funds. Memo to wealthy libertarians: open your checkbooks. Mark Kleiman makes a further … Continue reading Religious Freedom and Psilocybin

Mapping The Mushroom-Addled Mind

The above image comes from a new study that comparatively mapped the brain activity of people on placebos (left) and psilocybin (right): Each circle depicts relationships between networks — the dots and colours correspond not to brain regions, but to especially connection-rich networks — with normal-state brains at left, and psilocybin-influenced brains at right. In mathematical terms, said [researcher Giovanni] … Continue reading Mapping The Mushroom-Addled Mind

A Waking Dream, Ctd

A reader isn’t convinced that psilocybin’s effects are analogous to those of “long-term intensive meditation and prayer”: For what it’s worth, there is one big difference between experiences on mushrooms and “unusual” experiences as a result of intensive meditation. And the difference is an underlying sense of confusion that exists in drug-altered states and the lack of … Continue reading A Waking Dream, Ctd

A Waking Dream

Rachel Feltman relays the findings of “the first [psilocybin] study to attempt to relate the behavioral effects to biological changes”: According to a study published [Thursday] in Human Brain Mapping, the mushroom compounds could be unlocking brain states usually only experienced when we dream, changes in activity that could help unlock permanent shifts in perspective. … In fact, administration … Continue reading A Waking Dream