Omens In Kenya

Not good. A reader writes: While the strong reaction against the stolen election was not so surprising, the extremity of the violence has been shocking. Although Kibaki seems to be effectively utilizing the security forces to maintain a modicum of order in Nairobi, the situation upcountry is more questionable and the main trade route between … Continue reading Omens In Kenya


The Ugandan dictator and American president have one thing in common: they both back amendments to their countries’ constitutions to bar gay couples from marrying. IN DEFENSE OF MILLER: Well, someone’s got to do it.


That is the question posed by many readers. Dan Smith deals with that subject in the 6th edition of the Atlas (p.22). Here are the differences of income between the poorest 20% of the population and the richest 20% in selected countries according to UNDP Human Development Report 1998: Over 20 times: Brazil, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, … Continue reading BUT WHAT ABOUT INEQUALITY?


Here’s an idea. Maybe OxBlog could do it. Someone out there in blogland should take a look at Ann Coulter’s recent columns and Maureen Dowd’s. Using strict criteria – personal smears, rhetorical hyperbole, unprovable accusations of ill-will, bigotry (towards a class or race or group of people), unsubstantiated claims, and so on, see how the … Continue reading A BLOG CHALLENGE


It’s happening. It really is. Pim Fortuyn’s party stormed to second place in the Dutch elections, behind the Christian Democrats, smashing the social-democratic consensus that had run Holland for the last eight years (and, truth be told, much longer). So we now have center-right governments in Italy, Spain and France. Only Britain’s New Labour has … Continue reading COLLAPSE OF THE EURO-LEFT