Syria’s Hidden Suicide Crisis

Lauren Wolfe warns that self-harm is “rapidly becoming a very real fallout of this [Syrian] war — one that is so taboo, it is rarely spoken of within families, let alone publicly”: “Suicide is strictly forbidden in Islam,” said Haid N. Haid, a Beirut-based Syrian sociologist and Middle East program manager at the Heinrich Boll Foundation. Scholars often … Continue reading Syria’s Hidden Suicide Crisis

If You Thought Obama’s Syria Policy Was Bad …

Try Erdogan’s. The Turkish prime minister’s decision to go all-in against Assad, Henri Barkey remarks, has backfired pretty severely: At the start of the conflict, Erdoğan presumed that by putting his weight behind the rebels he would be speeding up regime change in Damascus; in fact, he and many others were confident that change would occur within six … Continue reading If You Thought Obama’s Syria Policy Was Bad …

On Not Taking The Neocon Bait

David Harsanyi sees few good options for salvaging the outcomes of the Iraq War: Some will, no doubt, argue that doing nothing (and we might very well be doing something soon) means that more than 4,400 U.S. troops and over $700 billion had been wasted in a war that ended but was not won. Perhaps. But a … Continue reading On Not Taking The Neocon Bait

A Rebuke From Within Against Obama’s Syria Policy

In an interview on Tuesday, former Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford let loose with harsh criticism: Ford, who served from 2010 to 2014, basically thinks that Obama was warned that Syria was going to hell, and did nothing to stop it.  “We have been unable to address either the root causes of the conflict in terms of the fighting on the … Continue reading A Rebuke From Within Against Obama’s Syria Policy

Visit Sunny Syria!

The Syrian tourism minister predicts a "prosperous tourism season" in Homs. Yes, THIS Homs: — Heather SouvaineHorn (@heathershorn) May 8, 2014 At the same time the war-torn country is expelling aid groups, it’s embarking on a new tourism campaign: In early May, the regime unveiled proposals to lure visitors to the Assad heartland of Lattakia, including a public … Continue reading Visit Sunny Syria!

American Is A Christian Country

At least when it comes to demographics: Max Fisher unpacks the above chart from a Pew study, which shows that the US is “lower than most Western European countries [in religious diversity] and 68th in the world overall”: Maybe the most surprising thing here is that most of the US’s religious diversity comes not from … Continue reading American Is A Christian Country

The Destruction Of Syria’s Economy

Joshua Keating highlights it: Even at an annual growth rate of 5 percent, which seems extremely optimistic, it would take Syria 30 years to get back to its pre-war GDP, according to a recent analysis by Jihad Yazigi, a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations who writes about the country’s economy on his website, the Syria … Continue reading The Destruction Of Syria’s Economy

Syria’s Gritted Teeth Compliance

Some decent news from a dipl0matic initiative that many once decried as doomed: The delivery of chemical agents to the Syrian port of Latakia, completed on Sunday, was the second in three days. It raised the share of Syrian chemical agents handed over for destruction to slightly more than 65 percent, the Organization for the … Continue reading Syria’s Gritted Teeth Compliance

#WithSyria, Without A Solution

by Patrick Appel The Syrian conflict turned three on Saturday. Marc Lynch wishes the #WithSyria activists had clearer goals: The premise of the “With Syria” campaigns is that the United States hasn’t acted to resolve the conflict in Syria because people aren’t aware of its horrors. But that’s probably wrong. To get a sense of how Americans … Continue reading #WithSyria, Without A Solution

Syrians Need Not Apply

Daniel Trilling describes the challenges of those seeking refuge in a reluctant Europe: Syria’s refugee crisis already compares in scale to that of Afghanistan in the 1980s. Millions who have fled their country are now resigning themselves to a long exile, looking not just for safe haven, but a way to earn a living. Yet by and … Continue reading Syrians Need Not Apply