Sully And Hitch: “That Great Avian Demagogue, Saint Francis”

A few years ago, I taped a long conversation into the night with the late Christopher Hitchens. We’ve been running excerpts this month and you can read all of it from the beginning here. Here’s the latest new installment: H: [Jihadism] is motivated by a hatred for not just America’s hedonism, but for its existence, … Continue reading Sully And Hitch: “That Great Avian Demagogue, Saint Francis”

Sully And Hitch After Dark

This thread compiles the transcribed outtakes of a late-night discussion between Andrew and Christopher Hitchens on a range of topics from religion to free will to the war in Iraq. Tue Feb 05, 2013 – 2:20pm: Sully And Hitch After Dark: God And Coffee A while back – by which I mean several years ago … Continue reading Sully And Hitch After Dark

Yglesias Award Nominee

"Remember: Tax reform will already have slashed rates radically. In one Simpson-Bowles scenario, the top rate plunges to 23 percent. Conservatives could at that point contemplate increasing net revenues by slightly tweaking these new low rates, say, back to Reagan’s 28 percent, still much lower than the current 35 percent and Obama’s devoutly desired 39.6 … Continue reading Yglesias Award Nominee

The “Manufactured Safety” Of Egypt’s Army

by Patrick Appel

Daniel Williams of Human Rights Watch was detained by the Egyptian government for a day and a half. An important paragraph:

[I]n this and other cases, now being documented by Human Rights Watch, the army was clearly in charge of arbitrary and sometimes violent arrests, even if the beatings and torture had been “outsourced” to other agencies or thugs.

I've been trying to get a handle on the role of Egypt's military. Joshua Stacher's analysis

Mitt Romney’s Multicultural Cop-Out

I have to say it’s been a long time since I read an essay as ornerily brilliant as Kenneth Anderson’s in the current Weekly Standard. It will offend a lot of people – for all the right reasons. It’s a liberal (in the old sense) critique of Huckabee’s bigotry, Romney’s cynicism, leftist multiculturalism and Hitchensian … Continue reading Mitt Romney’s Multicultural Cop-Out