Debating Porn: Where’s The Evidence?

A reader writes: Regarding your post about porn and whether or not it's destroying sexuality, I'm calling bullshit. This entire argument seems ridiculously tired to me. First, these books describing the crisis of sexuality in America often rely on one-on-one interviews with very little qualitative data. I've yet to see any serious studies showing that … Continue reading Debating Porn: Where’s The Evidence?

If Jonah Hill Were An Economist

by Chris Bodenner Derek Thompson checks in with the "mancession": According to AEI scholar Christina Hoff Summer, 80 percent of all job losses in the last two years were among men — not surprising, considering the implosion of manufacturing and the housing construction bust. As a result, male unemployment has far outpaced female unemployment and … Continue reading If Jonah Hill Were An Economist

What Exactly Is The Huffington Post?

This I didn't know: [If] political coverage gets the most attention in Washington, more than half Huffington Post’s traffic is driven by gossip and entertainment stories. The day the Froomkin news broke, for example, the site’s most popular story wasn’t about health care – it was “American Flag Bikini Moments: What’s YOUR Favorite?” Indeed, the … Continue reading What Exactly Is The Huffington Post?