Who Supports Laurent Gbagbo? Ctd

Two more prominent Christianists join Inhofe:

[L]ast night, Fox News Host Glenn Beck defended “the current Christian president” Gbagbo, downplaying the atrocities he has committed, and excusing his refusal to leave office by saying that “he fears that [Ouattara] is going to round up all of [his] supporters and kill them all.” Beck also attacked President Obama for supporting Ouattara, noting the challenger is “a Muslim.”

And today, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson, who has repeatedly defended the dictator, said that Gbagbo’s impending departure is a “great tragedy” because the country is now “going to be into the hands of Muslims.”

The GOP has now completed its transition from anti-Communism to anti-Islam. Which means that any future Republican president is going to embrace religious war as the guiding principle in foreign policy and treat Muslim-Americans with suspicion bordering on hostility. And that in turn fuels alienation and possible Jihadism in the US. Which confirms the Christianist premise. And so the cycle continues. My view is that the world is too precarious for that kind of bigotry to strut around on the world stage. Those who most exemplify it in the current gaggle of GOP presidential wannabes? Huckabee, Palin, Trump (did I just write that?), Bachmann, Barbour … well it would be easier to name those not so invested in religious warfare. That would be Romney (so far) and Daniels.