A Month At The Beast


How time flies. I just wanted to thank everyone here for their support and kindness and talent. And it's very heartening to see the Atlantic's unique visitors hold up without the Dish.

More to the point, it's been great to see the Beast take flight this past month with us now part of the team, with traffic now double what it was a year ago.

Yes, the capture of OBL obviously sent us through the traffic roof these past two days (Sitemeter shows around 600,000 pageviews for the Dish on May 2 alone). But the entire month of April was a pageview boom for the Beast, as you can see from Quantcast's account graphed above. We're proud to be a small, new part of that success. Sitemeter shows our traffic as pretty much unchanged from its average this past year or so, if you discount the very recent news-related surge, at around 6 million pageviews a month. Internal Beast numbers show those pageviews came from 1 million unique visitors over a thirty day period, our solid, devoted readership for the past year or two.

Thanks for coming with us. We've never been happier than here.