Has There Been A Great 9/11 Work Of Art? Ctd

by Zoë Pollock

In light of the anniversary, many are recalling Don DeLillo's prescience. In Mao II, published in 1991, he theorized that "terrorists and bomb-makers had replaced writers and artists as the myth-makers of our age":

[Their work] involves mid-air explosions and crumbled buildings. This is the new tragic narrative … Terror makes the new future possible.

Michiko Kakutani argues 9/11 didn't provoke a seismic change in the arts, or in daily life:

9/11 works feel like blips on the cultural landscape — they neither represent a new paradigm nor suggest that the attacks were a cultural watershed.

Scott Esposito differs:

I think that Kakutani is right that no single great work of art came out of 9/11 (the day itself) in the way that monumental books and movies were set during the Vietnam War, I think she’s absolutely wrong that literature of the era has not been written in the 10 years since. I also don’t know where in the world she gets the misguided notion that “9/11 did not really change daily life for much of the country,” seeing as it has been used to justify everything from war to torture to tax cuts to surveillance.

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