The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, DADT officially ended and we watched as a gay serviceman finally came out to his dad. Massie credited British secularism with their embrace of marriage equality, readers insisted that out-lesbian sports stars aren't the same as male versions, and we awaited gay marriage on prime time. Andrew defended Obama from David Brooks' real beef with the GOP, and Focus on the Family downsized because the right has already absorbed all of its skewed ideology. Andrew backed Greenwald's horror at a system where torture isn't enough punishment for some and Georgia may be about to execute an innocent man.

The good Eagle Scout Perry edged out Romney but we kept our eyes on Palin, while the mainstream media continued to dismiss McGinniss' book, even though the anonymity was completely necessary. Jennifer Rubin drooled over the idea of a Chris Christie candidacy, Super PACS buy access to candidates, and even Honore de Balzac understood that newspapers have become political party weapons. Tax reform offers long-term benefits, poverty indicators don't tell us enough about how many people are really struggling, and emotional arguments have to wreak havoc with expectations. A reader took issue with our limited quote from Rep. Fleming about his $400k, and we parsed whether a "Buffett tax" on the wealthy would even bring in that much revenue. Daniel McCarthy sussed out the tensions between empire and conservatism and Julian Sanchez reconciled religious faith with our desire to believe in the fictions.

On the UN- Palestinian front, Chait diagnosed Jewish Republicans with an overdeveloped sense of black anti-Semitism, Beinart told American Zionists they were going to regret this missed opportunity, and a Palestinian shared what it's like to fight the Israeli settlements. Abbas Milani posed questions to Iran at the UN, and terrorists don't have nukes because they're actually hard to make even if the directions are on the internet. Veiled women in France were essentially put under house arrest, and the FBI trained the military to go after Islam's holy texts and clerics.

Andrew relished his dead-tree reading, not everyone in the world counts continents in the same way, and specialization matters less in the Information Age. Today's international politics resemble surfing more than chess, and R&B beats country music, proving that sex sells. Fredrick the Great made his troops drink beer instead of coffee, high rates of disease correlate with autocracy, and a sex strike brought peace to the Phillippines.

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