Dear David

My friend David Brooks writes the following:

I’m to Rick Santorum’s left on most social issues, like same-sex marriage and abortion.

No, no, no. David is to Santorum's right on both issues, if left and right retain any meaning. Same-sex marriage is arguably the most successful socially conservative reform ever, as Conor Friedersdorf notes.

It has brought families together; it has strengthened mutual responsibility; it has integrated a minority much more healthily into the majority; it has added an insitution designed to mitigate the chaos of love and sex, and help guide them to more lasting, stable forms. On abortion, the settled law of the land is pro-choice. Roe was a ghastly over-reach, but criminalizing all abortion would be a huge disruption to the social order as it now is, and would require a massive increase in the power of government over women's lives.

Santorum is a radical, not a conservative, on these issues. David should not surrender his conservative credentials so easily. I found the rest of the column, by the way, surpassingly sane.