The Terrorism We Support

Another Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated by a car bomb in Tehran today. Goldblog is as puzzled as I am by the rationale for this act of terrorism:

If I were a member of the Iranian regime (and I'm not), I would take this assassination program to mean that the West is entirely uninterested in any form of negotiation (not that I, the regime official, has ever been much interested in dialogue with the West) and that I should double-down and cross the nuclear threshold as fast as humanly possible. Once I do that, I'm North Korea, or Pakistan: An untouchable country.

I'd like to raise another simple question: is not the group or nation responsible for the murder of civilians in another country terrorists? Do not car-bombs of civilians count as terrorism?

Another act of moral imagination: what would the US do if another country started placing car bombs on US soil to kill American scientists? And how do we effectively condemn terrorism when we are simultaneously either conducting or condoning it? Or is this simply the Mossad trying to bait Iran into war? If so, what did we know about this, if anything?

Update: Jonah Goldberg argues that the assassination was actually spontaneous combustion:

Another Iranian scientist has blown up