Ask Maggie Anything: Gay Marriage vs Interracial Marriage?

Previous videos of Maggie Gallagher here, here and here. A reader writes:

In response to Maggie, I was once part of a proud “unnatural family”. In 2003, as a single adult, I adopted my son Josh. Josh’s natural family – his birth mother and birth father – had had their parental rights terminated by the court system in Minnesota because they had been unable to provide Josh with a safe environment. Josh first entered into foster care in 1999. So after four years in foster care he was further “deprived” by being placed permanently in an unnatural family. I’d be interested in hearing what Maggie would tell my Josh son about what all he was deprived of having been forced to live in an unnatural family. (I did get married in 2008, so Josh does now have a mother and father – though I still wonder if we would qualify as a natural family.)

We actually asked Maggie a related question submitted by a reader:

Q: Is extended foster care for children preferable to adoption by homosexual parents?

A: I don’t think so; most likely no.

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