A 33 Page Form To Change Your Address?

The idiotic campaign non-news of today is that Mitt Romney has never heard of WaWa stores. This apparently, makes him "out of touch." No it doesn't. Then he was struck by those amazing gizmos where you touch a few buttons on a screen and you get a Hoagie. That doesn't make him out of touch either. Technology is a marvel. When my gym recently added fingerprint i.d. for everything from a massage, a sweatshirt or a smoothie, I was impressed too. I'm just not sure about that second hand story Romney told about it taking a businessman filling out a federal government form to change his address. He says he had to fill out 33 pages, then had to fill them out again. It wasn't just a change of address form (that couldn't be simpler); it had something to do with federal reimbursement for optometrists. Is it true? Could a reporter find the optometrist and check it out?

More to the point, it seems quite clear to me that MSNBC aired an edited version that removed Romney's core point about public vs private service and competition. The full version is here. It's a good point, if, as always with Romney, an eternal platitude rather than a concrete proposal or argument.