The Irrepressible Weiwei

Ai Weiwei

Director Alison Klayman's documentary on Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei was released this weekend. Jason Gots gives his impressions of Ai's "quiet yet unflinching conviction" that political and ideological oppression must be fought:

Ai continues to appear in public in a t-shirt bearing a picture of his face and the words "Missing" and "Found" [alluding to his 2011 detention]. He continues to pursue his lawsuit over a 2009 police beating, patiently filing the complaint in police departments throughout Beijing, although he never gets a response.  When asked why he bothers, Ai says: "You can’t just say the system is flawed. You have to work through it – show it in all its detail – to critique it fully." At one point in Never Sorry, someone asks him how he can be so brave. "I’m more fearful than other people," he says. "So I’m more brave. Because if you don’t act, the danger becomes stronger."

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