Home News: Thanks, Anderson, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 1 2012 @ 2:05pm

Gregory R. Wilson, of the Xmastime blog, has some fun:

July was the best traffic month for the Dish Xmastime since I finally bought a car September and October 2008, a quarter of the pageviews due to publishing  pretty much the exact same dumb shit as the month before  an email sent to me by an old friend.  8  3.5 million  no, not 8 million, 8  individual people  and Marley  logged onto this page  like it was their toilet  at some point, for a total of close to 11 million pageviews  whatever the hell those are. 20 percent of our traffic came from   squirrelsfisting.com  Facebook and  people who assume any site starting with “X” is porn  social media. Welcome to all the newbies  you know who you are…Tony; big thanks to the loyalty of long-time Dishheads  Xmastime fans, who still can’t be bothered to make me a Wikipedia page but whatevs, like I fucking care, h8rs gon’ h8

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