The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #117


A reader writes:

I was thinking Midwest because the cement building looks like some kind of grain elevator.  My daughter thinks the foreground looks like a recent Taylor Swift video that supposedly was filmed in Memphis.  So we'll go with Memphis.

Another writes:

Brugge, Belgium?  Wild guess.  Just am impulse really.  The houses, chimney, weather, small port, lace curtains.  Have never been there, just in the area.


If it weren't for the big building in the distance I'd say it was Tunbridge Wells, England, from one of the Hotel du Vin's rear-looking rooms – but likely a world away.


Grimsby, England. Taken in 1965.


I thought Ireland first, but the presence of the Offshore Supply Vessel in the center of the shot suggested somewhere bordering on the North Sea.  It looks rather flat in the background, so that sort of rules out Aberdeen and the other Scottish North Sea bases for offshore supply, so I'm going with somewhere on the River Tees. 15 minutes of searching – bollocks, no way, but fascinating anyway – plenty of evidence of an industrial landscape past – ghost slipways for a shipyard, the outline of a roundhouse for locomotives in a railyard.


Tough one this week.

Thought about Switzerland, until I saw the large ship on the left. And, since it looks a little too hilly to be the Netherlands, I'm going to go with Hamburg, Germany. Probably wrong, but oh well.


This had to be in the British Isles, from the rows of terraced houses and the greyness of the sky! I could just about make out some lettering on the large silo, and (after a detour through the R & B Hall of Fame!), I found out that R & H Hall is a supplier of animal feeds in Ireland. They have only a few locations so the Cork one was not hard to find. The view is from the marked window of a house on Wellington Road. I figure it has to be the upper window because of the crossbars, the white stucco visible to the right outside the window, and the fact that the top of the window seems to be visible. The 2nd and 3rd-floor windows are quite tall and it seems unlikely the submitter was standing on a ladder! I can't find a street number but the other photo with the red door appears to be the street entrance:


Cork, Ireland it is. Another:

It's Ireland! Finally, you feature Ireland! I knew it from the minute I saw it, the damp concrete path to the street, the weird ugly yellow bush in next door's garden (why do we grow it everywhere I don't know; it's hideous), the chimneys, the grey roofs, grey sky, grey everything.


One look at the lace curtain and mock-Georgian PVC window frame and I knew this was modern Ireland.  I believe the picture was taken from Summerhill Terrace, overlooking the river Lee and the city's docks. Cork has its charms, unfortunately, none of them are obvious from the photo. It looks grim!

An aerial view:


Another reader:

This one was easy for any Cork natives. The R&H Hall building is right on Kennedy Quay on the south side of the River Lee in the Port of Cork, just before the river splits to create the island that is downtown Cork. The picture is taken from one of the terraces above the Lower Glanmire Road on the north side of the river. A little snooping around google maps suggests it may be number 6 Summerhill North because of the windows, the garden, and the back of the white house in the row in front with black railing.This is my first entry and I can't get into drawing maps*.

As a Cork man who has been in the US for eight years, this has brightened my day no end. Cork people are very proud of their hometown – some of the most accurate maps of Ireland depict the country as Cork and not-Cork.

I'll be heading home for a visit in October for my brother's wedding. My siblings have been trying to bankrupt me with their annual sequence of weddings. But we wouldn't miss it for the world. And I have a two-and-a-half month old daughter* who has yet to meet her clan, with her grandmother especially counting down the days til she gets her mitts on her. It's going to be absolutely brilliant. Thanks for the view.


I'd have been ashamed of myself if I didn't get this view of the my favourite city in Ireland (I'm a Limerick man myself but while in college, I spent 6 months working in Cork and the building I worked in is actually in that photo (if you look on the middle ground on the right hand side, you'll see a row of grey buildings behind the lamppost which is close to where the photographer was and behind those buildings is a lighter grey building which is Navigation House, former home of the Planning Dept. of Cork City Council where I worked in 2004 and loved every day of it).

Details from the submitter:

The photo was taken from a building located between Wellington Road and Summerhill North on Cork's northside – the address is Summerhill Terrace, Wellington Road, a couple of doors down from the Ardara Bed & Breakfast. The view is from a south-facing window looking across Summerhill North and the River Lee (hidden) to Cork's south docks, where you can see the large R&H Hall building slightly to the left. Here's the exact location on Google Maps. You can see pretty much the same view by going to the Street View at the placemark I've left on Summerhill North for you.

He follows up in response to a reader's image that had a red circle in the top right corner of the building in question:

The photo was taken from the ground floor window on the left of the building as you face it – basically, move your red circle to the window to the left, and then down three times and you've got it!

Two readers guessed that exact window. The first sends an image:


And the second:

OK, third time lucky I hope. I got the right answers for the Edinburgh and Cornwall VFYW contests, give or a take a window in either direction, but now we're in my homeland, so that has to be a triumphant omen. This is definitely Cork, Ireland, and I'm fairly sure the photograph is taken from Summerhill Terrace, a group of apartments on Summerhill North Road (although technically I think the postal address might be Wellington Road, on the other side). I've highlighted the window I think the picture is taken from in the attached photo. Don't hold it against me that I'm a Dub!

Too close for a tie-breaker, as both readers correctly guessed windows in the past without winning, so we'll just have to award two books this week. By the way, the other readers who guessed adjacent windows have been put on the "Correct Guessers" list, which will give them an edge in future close contests.