Polls Are Now Part Of The Liberal Conspiracy, Ctd

Like many Republicans, the hosts of Fox & Friends don't trust the polls:

It appears the liberal media has also infiltrated Fox News:

One problem with the theories: FOX’s own polling also shows Obama surging in swing states. A survey released by the network just last week showed the president leading Romney by no fewer than five points in Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

Harry Enten points out that Fox isn't alone:

[I]t is a ridiculous charge that the media purposely skews polls. If so, they have persuaded many Republicans to get in on the act. Polls from Fox News – an organization few would accuse of a pro-Democratic bias – have shown poor results for Romney. (Its polling is also partially run by the openly Republican Daron Shaw.) The NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll is part run by Bill McInturff: a Republican, John McCain's own pollster, and professional partner to Mitt Romney's pollster. The GWU/Battleground poll has Republican pollster Ed Goeas on board. The list goes on and on.

However, just because the polls aren't purposely being manipulated doesn't mean the polls are infallibly right. One estimate has the chance of Romney winning, if the election were held today, at about 2%. That's very small, but it's not 9/11 conspiracy territory, not even close.