“I See The Divine In The Love Of Others”

Margarita Korol, who lost her 14-year old brother Eli in a car accident, movingly reflects on how she learned to endure suffering. She also explains the role Harold Kushner's When Bad Things Happen to Good People played in her grasping how vulnerability can be an occasion for grace:

Kushner describes God as limited in his ability to control natural disasters, asserting that God is moral and nature is not, he comes full circle in grappling with God’s limitations as self-imposed: It’s not that God is absent when tragedy strikes, it’s that he is found in strong community and other manifestations of comfort in tragedy’s aftermath. Without anthropomorphizing God as a bearded man in the sky, I suddenly could sense what God was all about. I now could see that it was important to visualize my own image of a perfect universe and what it would look like in this utopia where everyone was a good person providing community and strength to one another. It felt right to pursue God by way of allowing myself be vulnerable among a trusted community, instead of putting all of the burden of the pursuit of the good life on my being a professional rock.