Upgrading Our Vision

Google’s latest ad for Glass:

Waldman expects this type of device to catch on:

I could be wrong, but I have little doubt that eventually some version of this technology will be as ubiquitous as smartphones are today. It may not happen for ten or twenty years, but it’ll happen. And as it grows, people will find all kinds of uses for it that we can’t even contemplate today.

Meanwhile, Jason Bittel explains how the German military is readying “the closest thing to a real-life ‘heads-up display’ we’ve ever seen—like Google Glass for combat”:

Anchored by a helmet mounted display (which doubles as night vision and augmented reality), a soldier can access maps, waypoints, “Blue Force Tracking” (good guys), and “Enemy Threat Reporting” and “Red Force Visualization” (bad guys). And you just know the next version will have all sorts of drone integration – bringing the eye in the sky into the helmet. (The Brits are already using miniature surveillance helicopters.)