New Dish, New Media Update

We’re on the verge of our first 30 days with the meter installed and this is the result:

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 1.47.53 PM

Your subscriptions totaled $100,000 in 30 days. We’re psyched, even though we remain $270,000 below our 12-month goal to keep the Dish as it is. Still, if the subs come in all the year the rate they’ve been coming in February, we’ll be well over our target and be able to start planning for serious new projects, like commissioning long-form journalism. But I’m a worry-wart (not getting a salary for a month or the indefinite future concentrates the mind), and we’re not there yet. Almost 15,000 of you have reached your max of 7 read-ons for the month. That’s a sign of a real commitment to the Dish. It’s also a sign that with multiple devices, our very leaky pay-wall may need some tightening up so more of you actually confront a meter request for a subscription. If you’re never directly asked … how are you going to pay?

So a request for all of you hanging in waiting for the meter to re-set: $19.99 for a whole year of Dishness is a great deal. We work hard to keep this blog alive and alert and diverse and inclusive. The alternative is either distracting ads or “sponsored content” (which we’ll NEVER do). You have the power to make media history. If all 15,000 of you fence-sitters just agreed to pay a nickel a day, we’d have an instant $300,000 – and make our target for the entire year, and then some.

Our manifesto is here; you can subscribe [tinypass_offer text=”here”].